Manufacturing Technology Online Notes , Objective and Interview Questions

Manufacturing Technology Online Notes , Objective and Interview Questions

The subject of manufacturing technology is very vast and includes various types of machines tools required to manufacture finished products which range from simple hand-held tools, lathe machines, grinders, milling machines to highly versatile and complicated computerised numerical control or CNC machines and so forth. Of course it also involves several different techniques of manufacturing which can be a subject matter of different details discussion and some of these include casting, forging, alloying, welding, soldering, brazing etc. each of these techniques have their own advantages and limitations and are a specialized field of knowledge in their own right.

manufacturing technology notes
manufacturing technology notes

Manufacturing Technology Articles , Notes

Manufacturing Technology Notes | Manufacturing Technology Basic Concepts  

Theory Of Machining : 

Welding Processes : 

Casting : 

Forming Processes : 

Sheet metal /Press Tool : 

Machine Tool : 

Machine Shop : 

Milling machine 

Lathe Machine 

Unconventional Machining Processes : 

Surface finishing Processes :


Other Manufacturing Processes :

Manufacturing Advanced Technology :

Trends in Manufacturing 

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Interview Question and Answers – Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology related interview Question and Answers , viva , Oral Examination Questions 

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Objectives Question and Answers  – Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology related technical aptitude questions 

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Engineering projects Related to Manufacturing Technology

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