Weld Quality | Importance , Factor Affecting On Weld Quality

Weld Quality | Importance , Factor Affecting On Weld Quality


Weld quality, concept, meaning, definition, importance, and factors affecting it. If the strength of the weld obtained is equal to the strength of base metal and weld does not contain any defect than its called good weld.

  • To ensure quality welds, it is important to have a quality weld inspection program in place. In order to do so, a company must understand how to evaluate weld characteristics, determine weld quality.
  • If the strength of weld obtained is equal to the strength of base metal and weld does not contain any defect then it is called a good weld
  • The weld quality is directly related to weld design, magnitude of residual stresses & strain set up by welding heat, layout of welded joint, quality of base metal and quality of work preparation and fit ups.


  • Uniform filling of the weld.
  • Width of weld is equal through out its length.
  • Weld is free from any type of defect.
  • Weld is made by using tools, equipments & consumables suggested by the designer.
  • Weld is found correct in all respect under suggested inspection and testing
  • Quality of weld is such that it can satisfy all its service requirements.


  • There are a number of reasons to inspect a weld, the most fundamental of which is to determine whether its quality is good enough for its intended application.
  • To evaluate the quality of a weld, it is necessary to have a form of measurement to compare its characteristics and a qualified individual to perform the evaluation.
  • It is not practical to evaluate quality without some form of specified acceptance criteria.It’s also not practical for a person who is not well-versed in the necessary procedures to perform this task.
  • Welding is one of the most critical operations within ship construction. When welds fail, often the whole structure fails.
  • A good quality of weld can satisfy the need of insurance companies they demands that the weld should fulfill following requirements as regards the weld quality.

1. welding method
2. electrode type
3. weld design
4. equipment used
5. parent metal
6. edge preparation
7. welding temperature
8. weld testing method

  • Good quality weld provide safety during the service life of welded equipments so that accident can be prevented.


Following factors affects the weld quality of weld in fabricated products made by arc and gas welding

Dimensional defects

1. poor design
2. incorrect dimensions.
3. Incorrect shape of weld

Structural discontinuity

1. blow holes
2. inclusions
3. incomplete filling
4. cracks

Defective properties

1. less strength
2. less ductility
3. improper hardness
4. less impact strength
5. Less corrosion resistance.

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