Manually Operated Pneumatically Driven Center Stand Report Download

Manually Operated Pneumatically Driven Center Stand Report Download


This project aims to come-up with a mechanism which can be used for making the parking of a two-wheeler on center stand an easier task.
“Manually Operated Pneumatically Driven Center Stand” essentially eliminates the hassles of dragging a two wheeler on the center stand. Due to high amount of effort needed for parking the two-wheeler on a center stand, most of the people park it on side stand. Parking on a side stand uses up more space. Moreover, the big cities have a great problem of scarcity of parking space.
The proposed pneumatic stand uses an air cylinder which is attached in place of the conventional stand and is driven with the help of an air pump. A limited number of pump-strokes should be sufficient to put the bike on center stand with a good stability.
This project makes use of a very simple mechanism and is economical to manufacture. It is basically a POC (Proof of Concept) and demonstrates the possibility of using a pneumatic system as a center stand.

Problem Statement

In general, two wheelers have a regular stand pivotally connected to a stand holder at the bottom. When a two wheeler is stopped, the stand is kicked to the extended position (operative position) to support the two wheeler on the ground and the vehicle is required to be lifted / pulled back to be mounted on the stand in order to park it. The users, especially aged people and ladies are not able to pull back the two-wheeler on the stand comfortably. Furthermore, it is difficult to move the stand of a two wheeler between the operative position and the non operative position when in a narrow area.
The design which ever may be developed should give the two wheeler stability and secondly the design should cause least or no modifications to the existing two-wheeler design.

Before designing the actual stand we calculated some standard result on Bajaj Pulsar DTSi-150cc. This vehicle is the heaviest vehicle in its class. We used standard load cells available in the market to make the measurements and we used a standard manual to note down the various dimensions.


  • FRONT WHEEL = 686.7 N
  • REAR WHEEL = 815 N
  • CENTRE STAND = 1226.2N
  • GROUND CLEARANCE 165 mm (without stand)
  • GROUND CLEARANCE 215mm (with stand)
  • LENGHT 1990 mm
  • WIDTH 790 mm
  • HEIGHT 1100 mm
  • WHEEL BASE 1320mm
  • MAXIMUM SPEED 115kmph
Manually Operated Pneumatically Driven Center Stand Report Download
Manually Operated Pneumatically Driven Center Stand Report Download


With the help of this project it has been successfully demonstrated that, the existing center-stand for any two-wheeler can be replaced by a pneumatic system. Hence, the parking of a two-wheeler on a center stand can be made much easier with the help of this and hence can solve lot of parking / parking space related problems.


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