Design and Fabrication of Automatic Main Stand for Two-Wheelers

Design and Fabrication of Automatic Main Stand for Two-Wheelers


since mounting a two-wheeler on its main stand is quite a cumbersome process, it is an effort to make new automatic stand which is more advantageous and technically sound than the conventional two wheeler stands. The present project relates to two wheeler stands, and relates more particularly to an automatic two wheeler stand which uses collapsible mechanical linkages and actuating force (hydraulic/pneumatic/electric) which will push open the legs of stand and help in mounting the vehicle for parking and repairing. It will be controlled and operated using solenoid valves and control valves. It mainly aims at convenient parking and reducing manual effort which is a major discomfort for ladies and aged people.

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It’s been our aim to make an attempt to eliminate efforts that are required to be made in day to day life. Two wheelers are used by most of the people around the globe. We observed that it is quite difficult and cumbersome to park it on main stand. It becomes necessary to park the vehicle on its main stand. Applying the best possible method we would try to make an automatic main stand

Design and proposed model of pneumatic side stand
Design and proposed model of pneumatic side stand

In this paper we have presented the physical model of automatic main stand for two wheelers. Detail design and analysis have been done for automatic main stand for two wheelers. Analysis is based on the pressure calculation, calculation for bending stresses and calculation for tensile stresses on bolt. We have also calculated number of repetition of operation. We have been made an attempt to calculate the pressure required for operating the main stand i. e. 5 bars. We have calculated the Tensile stresses on bolt i.e. 7.52 N/mm2 which is a safe value during the operation.

We have also calculated bending stresses 81.75 Mpa which is less than the 248 Mpa (yield strength for mild steel) Hence, design of mounting is safe.

Reference and calculation : in a new tab.

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