Mechanical Project On Advance Antitheft System For Two Wheelers

Mechanical Project On Advance Antitheft System For Two Wheelers

Abstract-Advance Antitheft System For Two Wheelers

These days’ two wheelers are being stolen every now and then; therefore many owners are using antitheft systems to protect their two wheelers. In market these systems are available ranging from 1500/- onwards. Due to their cost many two wheeler owners don’t install the same thing in their vehicle. This project is about designing and manufacturing an antitheft system for two wheelers that should be sufficiently economical and advance as well! to be used by many users.

Introduction :

In its simple construction irrespective of the systems available in market this project has three different types of theft detection sensors namely, rider sensor, vibration sensor and battery removal sensor. There is a timer circuit based on advance AT98C52 Micro Controller that is connected to a IR receiver, a buzzer and an electromagnetic relay. The whole system gets its power from a separate battery of 9vDC. Thus this system works without vehicle’s own battery. The system can be made on and off using an IR Based remote.
The rider sensor senses any person trying to sit on the seat of two wheeler, the vibration sensor senses any vibrations those occurs in the vehicle body, and the battery removal sensor as the name suggests senses the removal of battery. Any theft event thus captured is passed on to the AT89C52 where it gets processed as an theft event and the same IC makes the buzzer and the relay on for the time set in the program flow. After the specific time is up the IC will stop the buzzer and the relay and thereafter retrigger the entire system to work in normal mode in the same session again an event of theft occurs the system runs the buzzer and the relay for longer time that in previous case. Thus when ever a thief tries to indulge in the activity of theft in concern with the same vehicle in repeated manner the system still stand as it retriggers itself after every theft event and increases the running time span of buzzer and the electromagnetic relay. 
This system in mass manufacturing may cost around 550/- only to the end customer. This system as stated uses three different types of theft sensors whereas the systems available in market use only one sensor that is vibration sensor. Also this antitheft system uses its own power supply for working so by mere cutting the wire from vehicular battery won’t let this system die, it will work instead.This economical antitheft system is
compact in nature and can be fitted into very small cavity available inside any vehicle.
The battery that is used for running the system has to get replaced after every three to four months which may cost the user 20/- for each replacement. The economical antitheft system is add on in nature that is this system can be fitted to any vehicle within no time and while doing so no major changes are to be done to the
vehicles own fitments and lay out. The entire system can be made on / off distantly using an IR based remote control unit.

Advance Antitheft System For Two Wheelers

Advance Antitheft System For Two Wheelers
Advance Antitheft System For Two Wheelers

Main Parts:

  1. Microcontroller
  2. PCB
  4. MDF
  5. Aluminum
  6. Toggle Switch
  7. Push buttons
  8. Wires
  9. Buzzer
  10. Contact breaker
  11. Battery Etc.


  • High security device
  • Simple in use
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Easy for repair
  • Easy for installation

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