CAD Projects , CAM Projects For Final year Mechanical Engineers

CAD Projects , CAM Projects For Final year Mechanical Engineers

This article contain list of projects for mechanical engineering students related to CAD Projects , CAM Projects  This list contain projects which are helpful for B.E. Mechanical , Diploma Mechanical Students For Final year Submission . If you looking For CAD Projects CAM Projects for Engineering Diploma , B.E. / B.TECH mechanical field then you can refer Following List of titles.

To get more information about particular title please click on title For further Browse abstract , concept Images ,Diagram and Report pdf download of the same Projects .  We try to upload new mechanical engineering projects daily here . These project list is about mini projects , Major Projects , simple , Low Cost , Low budget ,innovative projects ideas.

About CAD / CAM 

CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) refers to computer software that is used to both design and manufacture products.

CAD is the use of computer technology for design and design documentation. CAD/CAM applications are used to both design a product and program manufacturing processes, specifically, CNC machining. CAM software uses the models and assemblies created in CAD software to generate tool paths that drive the machines that turn the designs into physical parts. CAD/CAM software is most often used for machining of prototypes and finished parts.

finite element analysis model of crankshaft
finite element analysis model of crankshaft

CAD /CAM Related Mechanical Engineering Projects

Mini Projects  , Major Projects , Innovative Project topics with Abstract- Diagram and PDF Report related to CAD /CAM  , useful for Mechanical College Students , Diploma Students and Final year Students.

  1. Structural analysis of 3D printed structuresOpens in a new tab.
  3. Design and Structural Analysis of Single Plate Friction ClutchOpens in a new tab.
  4. Design and Analysis of Snap Fit Joints -Mechanical ProjectsOpens in a new tab.
  5. Design and Analysis of Automated Truck Cabin Suspension SystemOpens in a new tab.
  6. Design and analysis Of Crane Hook -Mechanical CAD/CAM ProjectOpens in a new tab.
  8. Design, Comparison and Analysis of a Composite Drive Shaft for an AutomobileOpens in a new tab.
  9. Design and Analysis Of IC Engine Piston Using Catia-Ansys SoftwareOpens in a new tab.
  11. Design and Analysis of Wheel Rim Using Finite Element Method
  12. Simulation of Plume Spacecraft Interaction- Mechanical Project
  13. Design and Analysis of Truck Chassis – Mechanical Project
  14. Design, Modeling and Material Optimization of Engine Piston for 150cc Motor CycleOpens in a new tab.
  15. MODEL AND STATIC ANALYSIS OF MUFFLER GUARD – Mechanical ProjectOpens in a new tab.
  16. CFD Analysis of Supersonic Exhaust in a Scramjet Engine – Mechanical ProjectsOpens in a new tab.
  17. Design and Analysis of IC Engine Components – Mechanical ProjectOpens in a new tab.
  18. Dynamic Stress Analysis of a Multi cylinder Two-stage Compressor CrankshaftOpens in a new tab.
  19. Weight Reduction and Stress Analysis of Air Conditioning Compressor CrankshaftOpens in a new tab.
  20. Design and Analysis of Industrial Ball Valve using CFDOpens in a new tab.
  21. Design and Analysis of Feed Check Valve Using CFD SoftwareOpens in a new tab.
  22. Fabrication and Analysis of Vapour Compression System with Ellipse shaped Evaporator coil
  23. Experimental Investigations on Thermal Storage in a Solar DryerOpens in a new tab.

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