Automatic Motor Bike Stand Slider Report Download

Automatic Motor Bike Stand Slider Report Download


In all over world everywhere motorcycle are used. The side stand plays major roll while the vehicle is in rest position. But it has some disadvantages takes place as while the driver starting the motorcycle, there may be possibility of forget to release the side stand this will caused to unwanted troubles. This is a new type of side stand which is automatically retracting the side stand through some mechanical and electronic arrangement. In this system microcontroller, speed sensor, dc battery is used. Through the speed sensor, sensor sense the rotation of the wheel and sends the signal to the microcontroller which is actuate the dc motor which is caused the disengage the stand from the road. A motorcycle side stand is nearly universal method of allowing a motorcycle rider to park his vehicle easily. If this stand is in the park position while the motorcycle is ridden through left turn a serious hazard exists. A new type stand side stand which is automatically retracting side stand is invented to prevent such type of accidents. Side stand mounted behind bottom bracket and can be bolted on either clamping the chain stays, or welded in to place as an integral part of the frame. The motorcycle side stand consists of steel rod held in both park and stopped position by an over centered spring. It is to provide the stand stability and a support to the motorcycle. Many side stand designs, attachments, mechanisms and rider warning system. Some side stand retracts automatically when the motorcycle is lifted off the support. Some retract if they contact the ground when the motorcycle is moving. Many different concepts have been applied for this hazard.


1) Battery

2) DC motor

3) Push button

4) Microcontroller

5) Side stand


Automatic Motor Bike Stand Slider Report Download
Automatic Motor Bike Stand Slider Report Download


  • Wide supply-voltage range: 4.5V to 36V
  • Separate input- logic supply
  • Internal ESD protection
  • Thermal shutdown
  • High-Noise-Immunity input
  • Functional Replacements for SGS L293 and SGS L293D
  • Output current 1A per channel (600 mA for L293D)
  • Peak output current 2 A per channel (1.2 A for L293D)
  • Output clamp diodes for Inductive Transient Suppression(L293D)

What is DC Motor?

A DC motor is an electric motor that runs on direct current (DC) electricity. In any electric motor, operation is based on simple electromagnetism. A current-carrying conductor generates a magnetic field; when this is then placed in an external magnetic field, it will experience a force proportional to the current in the conductor, and to the strength of the external magnetic field. As you are well aware of from playing with magnets as a kid, opposite (North and South) polarities attract, while like polarities (North and North, South and South) repel. The internal configuration of a DC motor is designed to harness the magnetic interaction between a current-carrying conductor and an external magnetic field to generate rotational motion.


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