Automatic Drainage Cleaning System Report Download

Automatic Drainage Cleaning System Report Download

In this project the proposed concept is to replace the manual work in drainage cleaning by automated system. Now-a-days even though automation plays a vital role in all industrial applications in the proper disposal of sewages from industries and commercials are still a challenging task. Drainage pipes are using for the disposal and unfortunately sometimes there may be loss of human life while cleaning the blockages in the drainage pipes. To overcome this problem and to save human life we implement a design “Automatic Drain Cleaning System”. we designed our project to use this in efficient way to control the disposal of wastages and with regular filtration of wastages, clearance of gaseous substance are treated separately and monitor the disposal in frequent manner.

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Automatic Drainage Water cleaning and Control System Using auto mechanism proposed to overcome the real time problems. With the continued expansion of industries, the problem of sewage water must be urgently resolved due to the increasing sewage problems from industries of the surrounding environment. The waste and gases produced from the industries are very harmful to human beings and to the environment. Our proposed system is to cleaning and control the drainage level using auto mechanism technique. auto mechanism is the major controlling unit and the drainage level is monitor by municipal . In this system we used motor, chain, driver, bucket, frame.

Automatic drainage cleaning system report
Automatic drainage cleaning system report

The Device Is Place Across Drain So That Only Water Flow Through Lower Grids. Waste Like Bottle, Etc. Floating In Drain Are Lifted By Teeth Which Is Connected To Chain. This Chain Is Attached By Gears Driven By Motor. The Energy Provided To Motor Is Solar Photovoltaic Cell Connected To It. When Motor Runs The Chain Starts To Circulate Making Teeth To Lift Up. The Waste Materials Are Lifted By Teeth And Are Stored In Waste Storage Tank.


  • Production cost is very low.
  • No need of purchase special machine.
  • It is mainly very useful to hold the lengthy plate(1.5 feet) in particular position.
  • It is compact and portable.
  • It can be efficiently used.


  • Small vibration occurs due to wire brush wheel attachment.
  • In order to avoid vibration the machine should be properly foundation with the floor.


This device find place in.

  • It is used almost in all types if Drainage (Large , Small & medium).
  • This machine is mainly used in cleaning system
  • project to use this in efficient way to control the disposal of wastages and with regular filtration of wastages
  • This device is suitable to hold flat type plate. (maximum length1.5 feet)


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