Automatic Water Tank Cleaning Machine – Mechanical Project

Automatic Water Tank Cleaning Machine – Mechanical Project

Abstract –

Aim of this project is to develop a mechanical system for cleaning domestic cylindrical water tank. The mechanical system includes two main mechanisms which are rack and pinion gear mechanism and reciprocating four bar linkage mechanism. The rack and pinion arrangement is
used to move whole mechanical system up and down for cleaning the cylindrical tank. The rack is fixed on the motor
and the four-bar mechanism is attached to the motor shaft.
PVC brushes are attached to the ends of the four-bar linkage. Four bar linkage is made in such a way that it can be adjusted according to inside diameter of the tank. When the motor is started the linkage rotates and with the help of brushes, cleaning of wall and base of tank takes place. The purpose of this project is to reduce the human efforts and to avoid the chemical influence on health of person entering the tank for cleaning.

Necessity of Cleaning

Water Tank Every day we use the tank water for brushing and bathing, for cleaning and moping, for washing clothes and in other household chores. With the passage of time, sediments, scale and algae get deposited on the walls, ceiling and floor of the water tank. This deposition
contaminates the water and makes is unfit for use. With time algae and bacteria grow and breed in this water infect it and could make us fall sick eventually. Hence water tank cleaning is very important.

Methods of water tank cleaning

Manual scrubbing in which wall and floor of tank are scrubbed to remove dirt, sediments, fungus and stains, but this method is more tedious and time consuming The water tank can also be cleaned by using chemicals to remove the dirt and sediments. The
chemicals used may affect the human health.
Pressurized water can be sprayed on the walls of the tank which will remove the dirt from the tank surface. These methods are time consuming and require more efforts for cleaning.

Firstly whole water is removed from the tank. Detergent is then sprayed on the inner wall of the tank for easy removal of dirt. The whole system is inserted in retracted position into the tank. The four bar linkage is then adjusted according to the tank diameter in such a way that brush at end of the shaft touches the bottom of tank. Now the motor is switched ON. The four bar linkage starts rotating along with the shaft. This causes scrubbing of inner wall of tank by the brush attached to the ends of linkage. For cleaning upper portion of the tank the whole mechanism is reciprocated along the guide ways with the help of handle connected to the rack and pinion arrangement. In this way the tank gets cleaned within minimum time.

auto water cleaner
auto water cleaner

The water tank cleaner was used to clean the water tanks by using rotating brushes. This method was more effective and safe than the conventional methods.
This method is capable to clean water tanks within less time and human efforts.

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