Design and Fabrication Of Automatic shoe Polishing Machine

Design and Fabrication Of Automatic shoe Polishing Machine

In this work, it is proposed to design a shoe sole cleaning machine, incorporating shoe polishing facility with this machine. As all the employees, faculty etc required to wear clean shoes before entering their laboratories, as these laboratories have highly précised instruments, sensors etc and the air inside should be very clean.
Thus shoe sole cleaner with shoe polishing machine is designed, considering all the parameters with respect to customer need in terms portability and also economically available to them, thus providing not only clean environment but also provide the style quotient to the person with polishing effect.
There is a famous proverb “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. The machine which we have designed and fabricated implicates this, called as “shoe sole cleaner with shoe polishing machine”, here the shoes sole can be cleaned and polished in much less time with no effort.
Most of the industries, hospitals and educational institutions having the most preserved laboratories like computer labs, instrumentation labs operational theatre and various production, assembly sites in chemical, pharmaceutical industries etc, have to be free from dust and dirt which would be carried through the shoe of the employees to the work area, causing untidy environment and also sometimes hazardous to the working environment.
Automatic Shoe Polishing Machine 
Automatic Shoe Polishing Machine 
As prime importance given to the shoe selection nowadays, its maintenance is also being taken care and in some regions or areas tidy environment is preferred, hence cleaning of shoe, upper and lower part of it and also to have a elegant look to the human, polishing of the shoe is necessary, considering all these factors wide range of machines for shoe sole cleaning machine and shoe polishing machine has been evolved from the earlier centuries and also the project introduces a variety of concepts of the product and helps in selecting a better model for shoe sole cleaning and shoe polishing machine.
•There are two types of brushes used in shoe polishing,
Shoe polish machine consist of two layer of board, the lower board consist of fluid dispensing mechanism and the power supply unit. the upper layer consist of boot polishing and cleaning mechanism. in which consist of four brushes made from nylon material .here, we have used four brushes and we categorized the brushes into,
(1.) Left hand brush
(2.) Right hand brush
(3.) Front side brush
(4.) Back side brush
Working Of machine :
Design and Fabrication Of Automatic shoe Polishing Machine 
Design and Fabrication Of Automatic shoe Polishing Machine

This models basically working on scotch yoke mechanism. in scotch yoke mechanism , the rotary motion is converted into sliding motion. This motion gives controlled path is best for our project. Here one 12v motor is used for power transmitting. This motor is attached with scotch yoke mechanism. It convert the rotary motion into sliding motion. There is one sliding plate is used foe sliding motion which is used in domestic application in home. This sliding plate is attached with scotch yoke mechanism with the help of L-shape aluminum angles. On the back side of this angles the shoe polish brush is attached with the help of screw. For the back and front side ,another 12v dc motor is used for rotating the brushes.

• Now ,when the power is supplied, the first power gone into the step down transformer and 230v power is converted into 12v ac power. From them, it is gone through circuit and the ac power is converted into dc power. This power is supplied to the ON- Off switches which control the motion of motors and pump.
• Here two switch board is provided, from which the first switches board consist of two switches which is used for controlling the two sliding and two rotary motion of the brushes and second switch board consist of one switches which is used for controlling the flow of fluid. from the two switches board ,the switchno-1 is used for controlling thr sliding motion of brush and switch no-2 is used for controlling the rotary motion of front and back side brushes.
• After switching the power supply ,we just need to ON the switches for starting the motor and water pump. The brushes start it work automatically. There is sliding motion of brush create the friction and it will help to get better shining of the shoe.
Component of machine
(1.)12V dc motor with 300 rpm
(2.) 12V transformer
(4.) Circuit for converting ac power into dc power
(5.) Two ON-OFF switch for controlling the sliding and rotary motion of brush
(6.)One ON-OFF switches for controlling the dispension of fluid
(7.)SCOTCH yoke mechanism

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