Fabrication of Mosaic Polishing Machine- Mechanical Project

Fabrication of Mosaic Polishing Machine- Mechanical Project


This project deals with the designing and fabrication of Mosaic Polishing Machine. The aim of this project work is to develop and modernized process for cleaning the floor with wet and dry. It is very useful for cleaning the floors. It can be used wet and dry; hence it is widely used in houses, hospitals, auditorium, shops, computer centers, etc. In modern days interior decorations are becoming an important role in our life. Cleaning of floor is a very important one for our health and reduces the man power requirement. Hence our project is very useful in our day to day life. Mosaic Polishing Machine is simple ,mini project.


The cleaner is very much useful in cleaning floors in hospitals, houses, auditorium, shops, computer centers etc; it is very simple in construction and easy to operate. Anybody can operate this machine easily. It consist of moisture cotton brush, the brush cleans the floor and dried with aid of small blower. Hence it is very useful in hospitals, houses, etc. The time taken for cleaning is very less and the cost is also very less. Maintenance cost is less. Much type of machines is widely used for this purpose. But they are working under different principles and the cost is also very high.

In our project is very simple drive mechanism and easy to operate any persons. The size of the machine is also portable, so we can transfer from one place to other place very easily. The Mosaic cleaner is simple, modern house holding device; even children can also operate it easily with safety. It is very important one for each and every houses and hospitals etc.



Fabrication of Mosaic Polishing Machine
Fabrication of Mosaic Polishing Machine

The cleaning liquid is mixed in proper proportion and it is poured into the reservoir through the top way. The cleaning liquid is poured until the tanks are filled. Actuating the lever opens the valve. Cleaning liquid from the tank spills on the brush. After the required amount is delivered, the lever is released and the machine is switched ON. The brush gets drive from motor through pulleys and belts. The brush applies pressure on the floor, when the adjuster rod is unscrewed and the handle is moved in the required direction to clean the sufficient area. Again the lever is operated to supply cleaning liquid whenever required. This process is repeated, so floor is cleaned well. The cotton brush prevents the damages on the mosaic, marble floors and gives smooth surface finish and shining.



  • Manual effort is reduced.
  • Operating time is less.
  • Cleaning and polishing can be done at same time.
  • It consumes less cleaning liquid.
  • Power consumption is less.
  • Design is very simple.
  • Easy fabrication.
  • It occupies less floor area.
  • Net weight is less.
  • Maintenance cost less.
  • Easy control of cleaning solution supply.
  • It can be used in various floors.
  • Smoother operation.
  • By further modification the drive or movement can be made automatic.



  • Domestic purpose.
  • Hospitals.
  • Computer centers.
  • Auditoriums.
  • Cultural centers.
  • Schools.
  • Colleges.
  • Large scale industries.
  • Medium scale industries.
  • Theatres.
  • Educational institutions.



  • Vibrations will be produced when used on rough floors or surfaces.
  • The washed surface has to be wiped out for thorough cleaning.

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