Design and Fabrication of Weeding Machine -Mechanical Agricultural Project


In today’s world every thing is getting modernized. Agriculture fields are slowly destroying and these lands are used for some other purpose. This is because the income from agriculture is less although the work involved is high. Most of the field work is done manually and so the farmers depend on the field workers for doing it. Because of the higher pay offered in other sectors like construction, workers prefer those jobs and so agricultural sector takes shortfall of manpower. This being the scenario, workers are not available for the works such as plucking out the unwanted grass and weeds growing in between the plants. It is very important to pluck out the grass and weeds in order to obtain fruitful results from the cultivation, as the grasses and weeds observe a part of nutrition given to the plants.Given the present situation, removing weeds becomes a costlier affair. In order to address this problem, this project proposes a simple, economical and efficient machine to remove the weed, which would be operated by a single person – savings of labour as well as time. The machine has been designed, fabricated and tested.

With agriculture facing a shortage of manpower, need for automating the various activities in the field arises or it is becoming the need of the day. With this in mind, a simple machine has been designed and fabricated for removal of weed and unwanted plants between the rows of paddy plants. As the machine is moving the weed remover removes the weeds present between the plants. This machine can be used effectively in the agricultural fields such as paddy field. To use this machine in agriculture field the seeds should be sowed at a distance equal to or more than the width of this machine.This machine is of simple design without using any motor or engine. Only a chain and sprocket arrangement is used. This machine eliminates the need for many workers and makes the work easier, economical and efficient.

design and fabrication weeding machine
design and fabrication weeding machine


  • Height of the machine : 1m
  • Width of the machine : 0.55m
  • Breadth of the machine :0.75m
  • Weight of the machine :50kg
  • Width of the weed removed by the cutter (Cutter width) :0.4m
  • Average speed of weed remover :150rpm
  • Average travel speed of the machine :50rpm
  • For one revolution of the handle, the depth of cut : 6mm


  • Mechanism is a simple one.
  • Motor or Engine is not required.
  • One Labour is enough for operation.
  • Working is very easy compared to primitive work method.
  • Initial and maintenance cost are less.
  • Time consumption is less for weeding.


  • Rotation of weed cutter is slower, so weed removal rate is less.
  • More skilled Labour is need


Design and Fabrication of Weeding Machine -Mechanical Agricultural Project

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