Automatic shoe polishing machine Project Report Download

Automatic shoe polishing machine Project Report Download


In this work an attempt has been made to design and fabricate an automatic shoe polishing Machine which makes the shoe polishing process easy and time saving. This project focuses on automation of the shoe Polishing and shining process without any human involvement in the process. The main purpose to design the automatic shoe polishing machine is to reduce human effort to zero. The machine consists of three main units transportation, polishing operation section and control unit which controls the whole operation according to given instructions.


As all the persons want to wear a shoe in every place which is clean. This machine help in reducing the difficulty of existing product available in the market at the same time increase the use of this product in offices, institution etc. The Fully automatic shoe polishing machine has been designed considering all the requirement and need of users. It has a sensing device which sense the object which is shoe depending on that it start working. It is portable. The problems which arise in the manual operation have been reduced in this machine. Each
and every person thinks that their shoe should be clean and shiny. Taking all these into account we have designed this product which reduces the burden of manual operation at the same time increases the use of modern techniques. This project is to provide an apparatus for shining shoes which overcome the problem encountered in the conventional one. It obtains a desired shoe shining effect greater than a manual one.

automatic shoe polishing machine mechanical projects
automatic shoe polishing machine mechanical projects


The project is basically consist of three parts which are following

  • Hardware
  • Electronics
  • Arduino programming


It consists of flat conveyor belt, worm gear, Rack and pinion mechanism and cylindrical brushes mounted on dc motors. Flat conveyor belt is used to transfer or convey shoe from initial point to operation section. Worm gear is used lock one motion while cylindrical brush like pendulum motion moving in forward direction it locks backward motion. Rack and pinion mechanism is used to grip the shoe while it reached in operation section and ungrip after completing polishing operation.


Second part of project is electronics which consists of circuit board, wires and power supply. Dc motors and stepper motors are connected to Arduino through drivers because high current and voltage required actuating these motors. We cannot give high current and voltage directly. Therefore we required drivers to actuate these motors.

Arduino Programming

We programmed arduino according to our desired sequence. As soon as shoe is put on conveyor, IR proximity sensor detects the shoe then sensor sends a signal to ardiuno to actuate stepper motor for certain steps (revolution) according to given instructions. The shoe is reached operation section where polishing of shoe is done according to given instructions. Then ardiuno actuates second stepper motor for certain steps to grip shoe. Polishing process starts and during polishing


In this project report we conclude that this project can be further enhanced by doing some modifications as discussed in recommendations.
The main objective to design an automatic shoe polishing is save the time by reducing human effort. We have succeeded to design such a project but our design is restricted for standard shoes. The machine polishes the pair of shoe in just a short interval of 100 seconds. We are succeeded to design an automatic shoe polishing machine in which there is zero human effort.


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