360 Degree Flexible Drilling Machine report Download

360 Degree Flexible Drilling Machine report Download – Mechanical Projects


Directional drilling machine which can be used based on drilling holes in various location and movement and easily operation done with high accuracy. Productivity can be improved by reducing total machining time and reduced human effort and reduced manufacturing cycle time. In this present age the application of micromachining operations continues to grow. These operations are required to fabricate the products required for sectors like medical science, automobile industries and electronics manufacturing etc. which deals with miniature trends. Drilling process is one of the machining processes which is used to drill micro holes not only in micro products but also in relatively larger work pieces which require ultra-small features which can be accomplished only by drilling process.


A. Equipments used for the Experiment as shown:

  • Base plate
  • Vertical arm
  • Hrizontal arm
  • Suspension spring
  • Rollar bearing
  • Motor
  • Drill bit
  • Copper wire
  • Switch board
  • Guider


This drilling machine possesses a radial arm which along with the drilling head can swing and move vertically up and down as can be seen in Fig. The radial, vertical and horizontal arm movement of the drilling head enables locating the drill spindle at any point within a very large space required by large and odd shaped jobs.
The tubular column on that the radial arm which moves up and down manually or it can powered movement then the drilling head here this is called drilling head which holds the drill spindle here in which the drill is mounted and is subjected to rotation. The entire head is mounted on the radial arm and this can move inward and outward from the drill axis. Also the horizontal arm can slide linearly on vertical arm. Not only that, as this along with this radial arm the drilling head moves upward and downward to have large gap between the to drill and job or there is a stoke length. Not only that further this radial arm can be rotated about the column rotated about the column, say about 360 degree.

The main movements in the machine are:

  • 360 degrees rotation of arm joint.
  • Up & down movement of the horizontal arm on vertical arm.
  • Linear slide movement of horizontal arm. 
360 drilling machine mechanical project report download
360 drilling machine mechanical project report download


Pneumatic multi-operation machine make use of compressed air obtained from compressor passes through pressure regulator & then passes through pneumatic gun. In pneumatic gun air exerts a axial spinning force on the spindle located inside the tool head which causes the drill tool to rotate inside the work piece with required RPM.


Due to the various problems faced by conventional operation processes such as Poor thread finish, more time consumption, frequent tool breakage and many more. So, we have decided to design the machine which will make use of compressed air as a power source.

Above is the Future model of pneumatic machine on which the tapping ,drilling, boring etc operation is achieved by Pneumatic system and it eliminates all the problem faced by conventional operation process.

 This pneumatic multi-operation Machine is to be presented for increasing their productivity as well as quality of job. It also gives the detailed description of machine mechanism and their different main parts of machine. In this we are defining different process parameters like spindle speed (rpm), cutting feed rate, cutting force, torque and power for their efficient working of operation. 


360 Degree Flexible Drilling Machine report PDF Download – Mechanical Projects

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  1. For 360 deg portable drilling machine, as per the motor specification it is taken as 10,000 rpm and for torque calculation it is taken as 1750 rpm. What is the reason for the different in speed?

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