Drilling machine | Interview Question and Answers

Drilling machine | Interview Question and Answers

Drilling machine | Interview viva ,oral Question and Answers

1. What is drilling machine?

It is the one of the machine tools used in work shops. It is used to produce hole on the surface of
the work piece and the hole may be drilled quickly and accurately.

2. List the types of drilling machines.

1. Portable drilling machine
2. Sensitive drilling machine
3. Upright drilling machine
4. Radial drilling machine
5. Gang drilling machine
6. Multiple spindle drilling machine
7. Automatic drilling machine
8. Deep hole drilling machine

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3. List the types of Sensitive drilling machine.

1. Bench mounting 2. Flour mounting.

4. List the types of Upright drilling machine

1. Round column 2. Box column

5. List the types of Radial drilling machine.

1. Plain 2. Semiuniversal 3. Universal.

6. List the types of Deep hole drilling machine.

1. Vertical. 2. Horizontal

7. What is sensitive drilling machine?

It is a small machine designed for drilling a small holes at high speed in light jobs. The feed should be manual .It is used to produce the up to 1.5 to 15mm.

8. What are the different adjustments made in Round column drilling machine?

1. Arm and table moves up and down to accommodate the work piece.
2. Arm and table may be moved in an arc up to 180 around the column
3. The table may be rotated 360 about its own axis.

9. What is the use of deep hole drilling machines?

It is used to produce deep holes in rifle barrels, cranks shaft, long shafts.

10. List the part involved in the up right drilling machine.

1. Base 2. Column 3. Table 4. Head 5. Spindle, quill and drill head assembly.

11. List the part involved in the radial drilling machine.

1. Base 2. Column 3. Radial arm 4. Drill head

12. What are the work holding devices used in drilling machine?

1. T bolt and clamp , 2. Step block, 3. Angle plate, 4. Drill jig.

13. What are the different operations performed in drilling machine?

1.Driling 2. Reaming 3.Boring 4. Counter boring 5. Counter sinking 6. Spot facing 7. Tapping 8. Lapping 9.Grinding.

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14. What is reaming?

It is the secondary operation after the drilling operation has been performed to produce the occurate hole or finish the hole.

15. What is boring?

It is used to enlarge the hole by means of adjustable cutting tool with only one cutting edge.

16. What is counter boring?

It is used to enlarge the end of the hole cylindrically and the enlarge hole forms the square shoulders with original hole.

17. What is tapping?

It is the operation to produce internal threads by using tap tool.

18. List the types of drill.

1. Flat or spade drill, 2. Straight fluted drill, 3. Two lip twist drill,4. Centre drill.

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19. What is heel?

The edge is formed by the intersection of the flute surface and body clearance.

drill bit nomenclature
drill bit nomenclature

20. What is lip?

The edge formed by the intersection of the flank and face.

21. What is face in drill bit?

The portion of the flute surface adjacent to the lip on which chip impinges as it cut from the work.

22. What s chisel edge angle?

The angle included between the chisel edge and the lip as viewed from the end of the drill.

23. What is rake or helix angle?

The angle is held between leading edge of the land to the drill axis.

24. What is circular land?

The cylindrically ground surface adjacent to the cutting edge,on the leading edge of the land.

25. What is the advantage of flute?

The flute is the helical groove. It is used to remove the chip through the helical groove and the cutting fluid will enter through the flute surface.

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26. What is primary clearance?

The portion of the land removed to provide clearance immediately behind the cutting edge.

27. What is secondary clearance?

The portion of the land removed to provide clearance behind the primary clearance or circular land.

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