Lathe machine | Machine tool | Interview Question and Answers

Lathe machine | Machine tool | Interview Question and Answers

Lathe Machine – Interview ,viva ,oral questions with answers for mechanical engineers , Technical question and Answers 

1.What is a lathe?
Lathe is a machine, which removes the metal from a piece of work to the required shape &size

2.what is the various operations can be performed on a lathe?

3.what are principle parts of the lathe?
Red, headstock, tailstock, carriage, crossslide, toolpost

4.what are the types of headstock?
Back geared type, all geared type

5.state the various parts mounted on the carriage?
Saddle, compoundrest, crossslide, tool post

6.what are the four types of tool post?
1. Single screw
2. Open side
3. Four bolt
4. Four way

lathe machine parts
lathe machine parts

7.what is an apron?
The integral part of several gears, levers clutches mounted with the saddle for moving the garriage along with lead screw while thread cutting

8.state any two specification of lathe?
1. The height of centers from the bed
2. The maximum length of the bed

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9.list any four types of lathe?

1. Engine lathe
2. Bench lathe
3. Tool room lathe

4. Semi automatic lathe
5. Automatic lathe

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10.what is a semi-automatic lathe?
The lathe in which all the machining operations are performed automatically and loading and unloading of work piece, coolant on or off is performed manually

11.what is copying lathe?
The tool of the lathe follows a template or master through a stylus or tracer

12.state the various feed mechanisms used for obtaining automatic feed?
1. Tumbler gear mechanism
2. Quick change gearbox
3. Tumbler gear- Quick change gearbox
4. Apron mechanism

13.list any four holding devices?
1. Chucks
2. Centers
3. Face plate
4. Angle plate

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14.what are the different operations performed on the lathe?
Centering, straight turning, rough turning, finish turning, shoulder turning, facing, chamfering, knurling, etc

15.define the term ‘Conicity’?

The ratio of the difference in diameters of tapers its length k=( D-d ) / L
d-smaller diameter
D-bigger diameter
l-length of the work piece

16.state any two specifications of capston lathe & turret lathe?
1. Number of spindle speed
2. Number of feeds for the turret or saddle the advantage of capston lathe & turret lathe?
1. Heavier & larger work piece chucking can be done
2. More rigid hence it withstand heavy cuts

18.what is tooling?
Planning of operations sequence & preparation of turret or capston lathe are termed as tool- layout or tooling

19.what are the three stage of a tool-layout?
1. Planning & scheduling
2. Detailed sketching of various machining operation sequence
3. Sketching the plan showing various tools

20.what are the different drives used in copying lathe?
1. Mechanical drives
2. Air drives
3. Hydraulic drives

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21.what are the components that can be turned on a copying lathe?
1. Cam shaft
2. Crank shaft
3. Journal bearings

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