Shaper , Planer , Slotter machine | Interview Question and Answers

Shaper , Planer , Slotter machine | Interview Question and Answers

Shaper , Planer , Slotter machine | Interview , viva , Oral  Question and Answers

Shaper Machine Interview Question and Answers 

1. What is shaper?

The shaper is a reciprocating type of machine tool intended to produce flat surface. These surfaces may be horizontal, vertical or inclined.

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2. Classify the shaper according to the reciprocating of ram.

i. Crank type, ii. Hydraulic type, iii. Geared type.

3. Classify the shaper according to the travel and position of the ram

a. Horizontal type, b. Vertical type, c. Traveling head type.

4. Classify the shaper according to the design of table

a. Standard type, b. Universal type.

5. Classify the shaper according to the type of cutting stroke

a. Push type, b. Draw type

6. List the different types of parts involved in the shaper

a. Base, b. Column, c. Cross rail, d. Saddle, e. Table, f. Ram, h. Tool head.

7. List the parts in tool head .

a. Swivel base, b. Vertical slide , c. Apron, d. Tool post

8. List the parts in apron.

a. Clapper box, b. Clapper block, c. Tool post

9. What are the different types of mechanism used in shaper?

a. Crank and slotted Mechanism
b. Whit worth mechanism
c. Hydraulic shaper mechanism

10. List the two block used in the Crank and slotted Mechanism.

a. Bull gear sliding block, b. Rocker arm sliding block.

11. What is Crank and slotted Mechanism?

The rotary motion of the bull gear is transmitted in to reciprocating motion of the ram through the rocker arm.

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12. What are the different types of adjustment made in the Crank and slotted Mechanism?

a. Adjusting the length of stroke.
b. Adjusting the position of the stroke.

13. What is the use of shaper dog in hydraulic shaper mechanism?

It is used to change the position of the flow to facilitate the reciprocating motion.

14. What are the advantages of hydraulic shaper mechanism?

a. The cutting and return speed are partially constant through out the stroke.
b. Infinite number of cutting may be obtained from zero to maximum value and control easier.

15. What are the work holding devices used in shaper.

1. Clamping the vise
2. Clamping on the table
3. Clamped to the angular plate.

16. What are the devices used to hold the work in to the table?

a. T bolt and clamps
b. Stop pins
c. Strip and stop pins

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17. What are the different operations performed by using shaper?

1. Horizontal surface , 2. Vertical surface 3. Angular surface , 4. Cutting slot and key ways 5. Irregular surface

Planer Machine Interview Question and Answers 

18. What is planer?

The planer like a shaper is a machine tool primarily intended to produce plane and flat surfaces by a single point cutting tools. it is used to machining a large work piece which cannot accommodate by shaper table.

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19. What is the difference between shaper and planer?

The fundamental difference between shaper and planer is that in a planer the work which is supported on the table reciprocate and the cross wise and perpendicular movement of the tool but shaper the tool reciprocate cross wise and vertical movement of the table.

20. What are the types of planer?

a. Double housing planer
b. Open side planer
c. Pit planer
d. Edge or plate planer
e. Divided table planer

21. What is open side planer?

The open side planer is having housing at one side which is used to accommodate large work pieces

22. What is the main intention for plate planer?

It is used to squaring and beveling the edges of steel plates used for different pressure vessels.

23. What is divided table planer?

This type of planer has two tables on the bed which may be reciprocated separately or together. It is used to reduce the time for setting the work pieces in the table.

24. What are the parts involved in the planer?

a. Bed b. table c. Tool head d. Cross rail e. Housing or column. F. Driving and feed mechanism.

25. What are the parts involved in tool head?

1. Saddle
2. Swivel base
3. Apron
4. Clapper box
5. Clapper block

26. List the mechanism involved in the planer.

1. Table feed
2. Feeding

27. List the mechanism used to drive the table.

1. Open and cross belt drive
2. Reversible motor
3. Hydraulic

28. What is belt shifter lever?

It is used to shift the cross and open belt from one pulley to other to reverse the direction of the table.

29. List two general methods to drive the rack in planer.

1. Through a train of gearing to bull gear engaging the rack.
2. By a worm mounted on the motor spindle which meshes with the rack at an angle

30. List the advantages of electric drive in planer.

1. There is very little chance of any accident as the net driving arrangement is eliminated.
2. Large number of cutting speed and return speed are available.
3. Control is quick and accurate.

31. List the feed mechanism used in planer.

a. By friction disc, b. By electric drive

32. List the feed involved in the planer.

1. Cross feed, 2. Down feed

33. What are the factors considered to hold the work piece in planer?

1. Work should be rigidly fixed to the table so that it may not be shifted out of its position while cutting activity progresses.
2. Proper clamping should be needed all around the work piece.

34. What are the devices used to clamp the work in planer?

1. By standard clamping
2. By special fixtures

35. List the standard clamping devices used in planer.

1. Heavy duty vice
2. T bolt and clamps
3. Angle plate
4. Stops

36. What is the use of planer jack?

It is used to support the overhanging parts.

37. List the planer operation.

1. Horizontal surface, 2. Vertical surface 3. Planning curved surfaces, 4. Planning slots and grooves.

Slotter Machine Interview Question and Answers 

38 What is slotter?

It is falls under the category of reciprocating types of machine tool similar to shaper.

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39 What is the difference between shaper and slotter?

1. In shaper ram reciprocate about horizontal axis but slotter the ram reciprocate about vertical axis.

40. What is the difference between vertical shaper and slotter?

In vertical shaper the holding the tool may also reciprocate at an angle to the horizontal table in addition to the vertical stroke.

41. What is the use of slotter?

It is used to cutting groove,keyway,and slots of various shapes.

42. What are the types of slotter?

1. Puncher slotter, 2. Precision slotter

43. What is puncher slotter?

The puncher slotter is heavy, rigid machine designed for removal of large amount of work pieces. It is driven by a spiral pinion meshing with the rack teeth on the under side of the ram.

44. What are the parts involved in slotter?

1. Base 2. Column 3. Saddle 4. Cross slide 5.Rotating table. 6. Ram and tool head.

45. List the ram driving mechanism used in slotter.

1. Whith worth quick return mechanism
2. Variable speed reversible motor drive mechanism.
3. Hydraulic drive.

46. List the feed involved in slotter.

1. Longitudinal feed
2. Cross feed
3. Circular feed.

47. List the slotter operation.

1. Machining flat surfaces 2. Cylindrical surfaces 3. Irregular surfaces. 4. Slot, key ways and grooves.

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