Withworth Quick Return mechanism Operated Conveyor- Mechanical Project

A quick return mechanism is an apparatus that converts circular motion (rotating motion following a circular path) into reciprocating motion (repetitive back-and-forth linear motion) in presses and shaping machines, which are utilized to shape stocks of metal into flat surfaces. Unlike the crank and slider, the forward reciprocating motion is slower rate than the return stroke. At the bottom of the drive arm, the peg only has to move through a few degrees to sweep the arm from left to right, but it takes the remainder of the revolution to bring the arm back. This is why it is called quick return

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Withworth Quick Return Operated Conveyor used For two Workstations
Withworth Quick Return Operated Conveyor used For two Workstations mechanism.


  • Shaper
  • Screw press
  • Power-driven saw
  • Mechanical actuator
  • revolver mechanisms

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