What is Slotting Machine- Principal parts of Slotter Machine

What is Slotting Machine- Principal parts of Slotter Machine


The slotter or slotting machine is also a reciprocating type of machine tool similar to a shaper or a planer. It may be considered as a vertical shaper. The chief difference between a shaper and a slotter is the direction of the cutting action. The machine operates in a manner similar to the shaper, however, the tool moves vertically rather than in a horizontal direction. The job is held stationary. The slotter has a vertical ram and a hand or power operated rotary table.
Fig.  shows a slotter and its various parts. The main parts of a slotter are discussed as under:

Principal parts of Slotter Machine are:

1. Base
2. Ram
3. Rotary Table
4. Table
5. Column
6. Saddle
7. Cross Slide
Slotter and its various Parts 
Slotter and its various Parts


Base is tightly build with is cast integral by column. Top of the bed and front face of vertical column are perfectly machined to give guideways for saddle and ram respectively.

2. Ram

Ram respond perpendicularly up and down motion at its base, it carry cutting tool. It is
comparable to the ram of a shaper; but it is extra massive and move vertically, at right angle to work table, in its place of having horizontal movement of a shaper.

3. Rotary Table

Rotaty table is a rounded table mounts on top of cross-slide. This table can be rotate by hand or by usual mechanism. Angular graduations on table make easy work to be machined at angles. Table is also providing by an index plate to one on dividing head of milling machine. The use of index plate make certain correct division on parts.

4. Table

Table of slotter hold job and is adjustable in cross wise and longitudinal direction. Table can rotate about its center. Hand wheels are given for rotating table with for cross and longitudinal traverse.

5. Column

Column is vertical part invented of cast iron with it house the driving mechanism. Vertical front face of column is precisely finished for provide ways beside which ram move up and


Saddle is mounting upon the guideways with might be move towards or away as of the
column. Top part of the saddle is precisely finished to give guideways for cross-slide. These
guideways are perpendicular to guideways on the base.

7. Cross Slide:

Cross slide can move similar to the face of column. The circular worktable is mount on top of the cross slide.


A slotter is a very economical machine tool when used for certain classes of work given as under.
  • It is used for machining vertical surfaces
  • It is used angular or inclined surfaces
  • It is used It is used to cut slots, splines keyways for both internal and external jobs such as machining internal and external gears,
  • It is used for works as machining concave, circular, semi-circular and convex surfaces
  • It is used for shaping internal and external forms or profiles
  • It is used for machining of shapes which are difficult to produce on shaper
  • It is used for internal machining of blind holes
  • It is used for machining dies and punches, and Since a slotter works slowly. It has less use in mass production work. It can be substituted by the broaching machine.

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