Multi-Spindle Drilling Machine Report Download – Mechanical Projects

Multi-Spindle Drilling Machine Report Download – Mechanical Projects

The MULTI SPINDLE DRILLING MACHINE is one which can be used to drill a number of holes at various large and even unsymmetrical layouts according to our requirements, where the conventional Multi spindle drilling machines cannot be used. This is an improvement over geared drill heads and drill heads adopted with universal joints. This is an improvement over geared drill heads and drill heads adopted with universal joints. The drill head is mounted on the drilling machine table. The drill head spindle is inserted in to the machine spindle. It is used to drill a number of holes in different layouts according deals with a proper idea of usage of eccentrics in the field of drilling. The report furnishes a cost estimation of all the components of the equipment by careful considerations of all factors such as cost of material, labour, machining and purchased components. The very essence of our economic life and growth is dependent in a great part upon the continued improvement of Electronic and Mechanical fields. To aid these fields, we have designed MULTI SPINDLE DRILLING MACHINE Which can be widely used to drill products like printed Circuit Boards, Engine heads and other Automobile components. Extreme care should be there to drill multi holes at different layouts. The MULTI SPINDLE DRILLING MACHINE helps to achieve accurate and identical drilled layouts in mass production.

Drilling Machine a machine for making holes with removal of chips. Drilling machines are used for drilling, boring, countersinking, reaming, and tapping. Several types are used in metalworking: vertical drilling machines, horizontal drilling machines, center-drilling machines, gang drilling machines, multiple-spindle drilling machines, and special-purpose drilling machines. Vertical drilling machines are the most widely used in metalworking. They are used to make holes in relatively small work-pieces in individual and small-lot production; they are also used in maintenance shops. The tool, such as a drill, countersink, or reamer, is fastened on a vertical spindle, and the work-piece is secured on the table of the machine. The axes of the tool and the hole to be drilled are aligned by moving the workpiece.

Programmed control is also used to orient the workpiece and to automate the operation. Bench-mounted machines, usually of the single-spindle type, are used to make holes up to 12 mm in diameter, for instance, in instrument-making. Heavy and large workpieces and workpieces with holes located along a curved edge are worked on radial drilling machines. Here the axes of the tool and the hole to be drilled are aligned by moving the spindle relative to the stationary work-piece. Horizontal drilling machines are usually used to make deep holes, for instance, in axles, shafts, and gun barrels for firearms and artillery pieces. Center-drilling machines are used to drill centers in the ends of blanks. They are sometimes equipped with supports that can cut off the blank before centering, and in such cases they are called center-drilling machines. Gang drilling machines with more than one drill head are used to produce several holes at one time. Multiple-spindle drilling machines feature automation of the work process. Such machines can be assembled from several standardized, self-contained heads with electric motors and reduction gears that rotate the spindle and feed the head.

There are one-, two-, and three-sided multiple-spindle drilling machines with vertical, horizontal, and inclined spindles for drilling and tapping. Several dozen such spindles may be mounted on a single machine. Special-purpose drilling machines, on which a limited range of operations is performed, are equipped with various automated devices.

multi spindle drilling machine report download
multi spindle drilling machine report download


A Multi spindle drilling machine will drill a number of parallel holes simultaneously in a work piece. Multi spindle drilling machines are employed for work of a light character, especially repetition work, such as drilling small components for the Automobile and Aircraft industries. A Multi spindle drilling machine has a number of drill spindles driven by a single motor. All the spindles holding the drills are fed in to the work piece at the same time. For this purpose, either the drill heads can be lowered onto the work piece or the work table is raised

The Main eccentric is driven by the drilling machine spindle which is driven by a single motor. The several drill holding eccentrics are driven by the main Eccentric through a Revolving plate. Eccentric is a mechanism which is usually used to convert rotary motion into sliding motion. It shall be noted that an Eccentric cannot convert reciprocating motion into rotary motion. Here we are converting the rotary motion into revolutionary motion and in to rotary motion. (ie) when the main spindle rotates, the rotary motion of the spindle is converted into revolutionary motion of the Revolving plate.
Through the Main Eccentric and the revolutionary motion of the Revolving plate is converted into rotary motion of the Drill holding Eccentrics. The conversion of the motion is achieved by the ECCENTRICITY provided in the eccentrics. [ECCENTRICITY is 15mm at all the eccentric spindles].
Drill bits can be fed by lowering the Drill head. The pillars provided with springs guide the Driller head in motion. Springs secure the Drill head with drill bits, from a rapid fall, while releasing the Drill head from the machine spindle. It is designed to drill five holes of various diameters in unsymmetrical layouts. The art of ECCENTRICITY plays a major role in this principle.


In this type of machine number of holes is drilled in the work piece at a time. This machine is used in mass production. The work pieces drilled in this machine are as follows:

  • Printed Circuit Boards.
  • Pipe Flanges.
  • Pump housings.
  • Production works such as Drilling, Boring, Reaming and Tapping.


Multi-Spindle Drilling Machine Report PDF Download – Mechanical Projects

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