Crop Cutting Machine Project Report Download – Mechanical projects

Crop Cutting Machine Project Report Download – Mechanical projects


Crop cutting machine is a mechanical device. It can be used for cutting the dry cut stalls of grain break or covering of trunck of tree. In the crop cutting machine required less human effort and it is very reasonable for middle class farmer it is not complicated structure and it is easily operated By unskilled person.
In this cutting machine have one blade rotary cutter. This can be applicable for the cutting of crop such as Javari, tuar, maize etc. it can reduce labor cost due to the only one person can handle. Crop cutter machine does not required high maintenance.



Crop harvesting is last stage in farming which takes maximum time of farmer among all farming Process. In india harvesting is generally done manually. Thus our intention is to provide farmer a “CROP HARVESTER IN AGRICULTURAL APPROACH”. This machine consist of simple Mechanism make to run by a d.c. motor which will be economical to farmer and will take less time for harvesting operation.
Crop harvesting is a process of cutting the crops clos to the ground or pulling the plants when they are ripped out. It include cutting the stems of coral crops like tuar, javar, bajara, maize grass etc. closs the ground. In our country it is generally done by sharp sickle. On the basis of large no. of this crop harvester are in use at todays date, which are available at different shape and size and on different power supply. Some of them are pneumatic crop harvester, hydrolyc cops harvester and crop harvester running on tractor engine. Since the they are costelier keeping in to consideration the economic ability of our farmer it is required that is should be simple and should fulfill the same intession which are achieved by “CROP HARVESTER IN AGRICULTURE APPROACH”. This machine is made to run by a d.c. motor with the help of battery having speed of nearly 1500 rpm.

crop cutting machine report download
crop cutting machine report download


In crop cutting machine we have used 1 HP DC motor which running with the help of 12 v battery. In this machine when motor are running armature are also rotate and armature are connected to the mechanisum of bevel gear system and bevel gear connrcted one gear to the armature and other gear connected to the rotory cutter which cut the crop. In this machine power is transmitted through the bevel gear system.
Crop cutting machine required when crop cut a person which push the machine to running on the filled tyre are used for run on the filled. So it is easily operated any person it required human effort are very less.


Reduce the human effort-

Crop harvester is mostly design for reduce the human effort in which only one operator can be operate or handle the machine. While the machine will begin there not required more then one or two worker.

Reduce the cost-

In the agriculture for cropping the soyabin, javar and tuvar. It can cut cheapest prices because it saves the worker cost.

Reduce the time-

When worker is cutting the crop they have more time for cutting but when the use of the crop cutter harvester they increase the capacity of the working and cutting and it can possible the maximum cutting within minimum time.

Easy to handle-

Crop cutter machine is easy to handle for handle we can easily start the machine.

Unskilled worker can operate- No skilled person required for operating this machine.

safety to use:- during the working if any problem occurs in the machine we can easily find it.


1- light weight crops it cannot cut.
2-battery should be charged again and again.
3-water is harmfull for this.


Crop Cutting Machine Project Report pdf Download – Mechanical projects

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