The Jig Saw Machine Report Download- Mechanical Project

The Jig Saw Machine Report Download- Mechanical  Diploma Project


As we have selected “The Jig Saw Machine” as a project work, it has helped us to understand the wood cut working, by all of the view like about its working capacity, the product which will it produce, what will be the difficulties in working of the machine, kind of safe working, working reliability, number of operations that can be performed with this machine etc.
A Jig saw is a one type of a saw, which cut the wood in different shape. It cut different shape with finishing. It works on stock of blade. The blade is cut profile cutting, curves circle and other complicated part. It works on slides .the mechanism is crank rod link mechanism. This mechanism gives up and down motion to blade. We use pulley in proper ratio to control rpm of motor. And finally this machine is cut wood precisely with finishing.
As the work-shop is having mechanical work press, it is also feasible to make the parts as dimension and working point of view. So it may prove an additional advantage of having such kind of machine.
The other objective of making a project that number of students can understand working of “Jig saw machine”.

Jig saw machine -Mechanical Diploma Project 
Jig saw machine -Mechanical Diploma Project 

Jig saw work on a tool’s up & down motion and our design is innovative so we can cut the material very precisely and give any shape on job. For cut various type material we can use various types of blade.
Introduction to Jig Saw Machine :

A wide variety of blade types are used, including;
(1) Various numbers of TPI (Teeth per Inch). (2) Blade edge for cutting soft materials. (3) Cranked blades to overcome the setback of the blade and allow flush cutting. (4) Thin blades to allow tighter curves to be cut. (5) Push stroke cutting blades to avoid damage to the top surface.
In this machine, cutting is totally depended on tool’s (Blade) stroke length, and the stroke length is depends on crank shaft mechanism. And also we consider RPM of motor for stroke per second and consider pulley’s diameter for maintain ratio of RPM.
The machine is usually made of many materials like cast iron, M.S and other hard materials. Because to reduce vibrations and other unnecessary forces.
The cost is determined by the amount of features, which determine what tooling will need to be used. It is advised to keep the features as simple as possible to keep the cost of tooling to a minimum. Features that are close together produce a problem because it may not provide enough clearance for the slide mechanism, which could result in another station. It can also be problematic to have narrow cuts and protrusions


  1. Cutting rate is high.
  2. Tool cost is very low.
  3. Maintenance is less.
  4. Awkward shape can easily obtain.
  5. No other finishing process require.


  • Power consumption rate is high.
  • Friction is high in block and slide.
  • Sometime tool may break due to loosening of blade and misalignment.
  • Above 15 mm thickness material cannot be cut

Applications : 

The jig saw machine is a mostly use for wood cutting. Various types of operations on wood by this machine. Like straight cutting, profile cutting, curves, circular holes and decorative cuttings are obtained by this machine.


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