Pneumatic Operated Robotic Arm Report Download Mechanical projects

Pneumatic Operated Robotic Arm Report Download Mechanical projects


Selecting this project PICK AND PLACE ROBOTIC ARM BY PNUMETIC CONTROL, there are many project activities we find. There are all activities lists as below:

  • To make design of project.
  • To decide which of material use for our project is better, economical and easier to get.
  • To study about pneumatic system and how use it in our project.
  • To do market survey about pneumatic system and which place we get it.
  • To make arm as per project design by use of wood as raw material.
  • As per project design make column by use of wood as raw material.
  • To buy pneumatic cylinder as per project design and set it in arm and column.
  • To buy all pneumatic systems to control pneumatic cylinder.
  • To decide which type of motor use in project to give rotary motions it.
  • To buy selected motor and fit in project assembly.
  • To connect pneumatic system in cylinder.
  • It is connected with air compressor.



This project has sample work. Its work is to pick object or work-piece at one site and to place that object or work-piece another site.

In figure showing PICK AND PLACE ROBOTIC ARM BY PNEUMATIC CONTROL. Its working steps as under below:
1. Compressed air comes from the compressor.
2. By using air controlling manual valve air comes in cylinder which is located between column and arm and arm rise up by presser of cylinder’s piston.
3. By using low RPM motor column rotate to object.
4. By losing air in cylinder which one placed in arm opens jaws by using rack and pinion mechanism.
5. Arm become down to object by losing air in cylinder.
6. Object comes between two jaws.
7. By increasing presser in cylinder jaws close and object pick in jaws.
8. Arm rise up by column’s cylinder.
9. Whole assemblies rotate by low RPM motor at right place.
10.Arm become down to place object at right place by using above processes.

pick and place robotic arm mechanical projects report download
pick and place robotic arm mechanical projects report download


In this project becomes by using many parts. Each parts has own specification and dimension. Here we are going to list each parts and it’s specification in details. Here also mention each parts 2D and 3D drawing.

ARM :-

ARM is main part in this project which cover pick of object mechanism.


Column is part of project which support arm to rise or to become down by using column’s pneumatic cylinder. Column also cover pneumatic cylinder which helps arm rise or become down. It is made from wood. Column reset on low RPM motor which gives column rotation motion.


This project works on pneumatic cylinder because concept of project is using pneumatic systems we have to pick object and to place object. It is work by compressed air which comes from air compressor.


In this project we use rake and pinion as mechanism of pick object.
By this mechanism we can pick object. This mechanism works by help of arm’s cylinder. Air comes in cylinder piston comes out where rake is connected with piston so rake go forward that sway pinion rotate where is two jaws connected with pinion which is becomes close.


After completing this project PICK AND PLACE ROBOTIC ARM BY PNEUMATIC CONTROL we know that our project can pick object like bottle, brick and box which weight is not greater than 4 kilograms because in this project we use low RPM motor to give rotation motion project. It is capacity 7 kilograms to take load and project assembly weight 3 kilograms.
Working on this project, right from the point of the selection to testing of the project was real fun and great expiration. The exercise provided as a lot of insight into the various pneumatic systems, the selection of the appropriate material for different components and make or buy decision, especially for designing this project. We studied how to use and control pneumatic systems in various industries.
Seeing the project in working successfully we are very happy and satisfied.


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