Fabrication Of Combine Drilling and Tapping Machine – Mechanical Project

Abstract –

Tapping and drilling are frequently used in mechanical working. Previous researches on tapping and drilling has mainly focused on cutting force variations, drill and tap wearing, and drill and tap design.A novel performance test system of tapping and drilling for a computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool is established in recent techniques.
The target of the mass production is to increase the productivity and increase the accuracy. This is done by reducing the set up cost and manual fatigue. Trial and error method is usually practiced until the axis of the hole is properly aligned with the axis of the drill. In such a situation a lot of time is being wasted to maintain the accuracy. Eventually it increases the operator’s fatigue. The main aim is to locate, hold and support the work securely so that the required drilling and tapping operation can be performed. Our machine will consist of combination of drilling and tapping operation with the help for speed reduction gear box. As drilling requires high RPM and tapping requires low RPM to perform the drill and internal threads operation. A collect is mounted vertically on the shaft of motor and gear box reduces the speed as per requirement of operation.


A process for producing internal threads using a tool (tap) that has teeth on its periphery to cut threads in a predrilled hole. Drilling is a cutting process that uses a drill bit to cut a hole of circular cross-section in solid materials The main purpose of this machine is to perform both drilling and tapping operation on single machine .This machine will consist of combination of drilling and tapping operation with
the help for speed reduction gear box. As drilling requires high RPM and tapping requires low RPM to perform the drill and internal threads.


The drilling machine is one of the most important machine tool. In a drilling machine holes may be drilled quickly. The holes is generated by the rotating edge of a cutting tool known as the drill which exerts large force on the work clamped on the table. As the machine exerts vertical pressure to originate a hole it is also called as a “Drill Press”.

Tapping is the operation of cutting internal threads in a hole using a cutting tool called Tap. A tap has cutting edges in the shape of threads. When the tap is screwed into a hole it removes metal and cuts internal threads for tapping the hole drilled will be smaller than the tap size.
Tap drill size = 0.8 * Outer diameter of the threads To understand the application and importance of the involvement of semi automation in conventional drilling machine in manufacturing. This paper will cover up procedures for maintaining and setting up the work, proper methods of selecting tools, work holding devices to get the job.

drilling cum tapping machine mechanical project

The Drive mechanism of this machine is illustrated in fig. As the motor is switched on,the motor shaft starts revolving & hence, the V-pulley mounted over it. This,through the V-belt,transmuts motion and powerto the other V-pulley mounted over the Drill spindle.Thus,spindle
starts rotating and therefore,the cutting tool(drill). When the drill is required to be fed into the work, it is pressed against the work by means of Feed Handle. Different spindle speed can be obtained by shifting the V-belt to different pairs of driving and driven pulleys, while the motor continues to rotate on the same speed. However, normally there is no arrangement for automatic feed onthis machine.
On the other hand, the tapping with reversing mechanism is provided. In this mechanism the pulley power transmission is disconnected with the help of sleeve(locking arrangement). In this the power is transmitted from motor shaft to the main shaft with help of worm and worm gear & bevel gear arrangement. Thus, the RPM of the main shaft is reduced with the help of worm and worm gear arrangement (From 1320 rpm to 90 rpm).

The following are the advantages of this machine:-
1. Minimum number of components, so the maintenance of the machine is easier.
2. No skilled operators are required.
3. Enables high production rate
4. The machine is less expensive.
5. Consumes less floor area.

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Fabrication Of Combine Drilling and Tapping Machine – Mechanical Project

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