Design and Fabrication of Auto Indexing Drilling Machine – Mechanical Project

Design and Fabrication of Auto Indexing Drilling Machine – Mechanical Project


Quality and productivity play important role in today’s manufacturing market. Automation providing high end quality. Now a day’s due to very stiff and cut throat competitive market condition in manufacturing industries.
The main objective of industries reveal with producing better quality product at minimum cost and increase productivity. Drilling machine is most vital and common machine used for producing hole operation use for produce machine part with desire surface quality and cost constrain. To obtain main objective of company regards quality and productivity. In the present project an attempt is made to reduce the effect of machining idel time parameters because of mounting , dismounting, marking etc that are influences on responsive output parameters such as time of producing hole, quantity of job, quality of job. this is done by using indexing. The effort to investigate optimal time of producing hole and their contribution on producing better Surface quality and higher Productivity with less cost automation.
The process of drilling along PCD is quite commonly used. Most of TWO WHEELER vehicles have disc brakes which have holes along PCDs, couplings, flywheels etc. To meet the demand of such jobs, the manufacturing is carried on NCs, CNCs etc. The main difficulty in such machining technology is requirement of huge capital and skilled operators. Hence this Drilling Machine Indexing Mechanism focuses on designing simple drilling table where in the drill bit won’t be carried from one position to other but the job itself will be aligned in such a
fashion that on simple rotation of worm the new position will be achieved.
Based on simple engineering knowledge, assembly is designed and fabricated so as to reduce over head losses when it comes to drilling along PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter). Indexing process is well known to us when it comes to gear manufacturing but we are introducing same process but without bulky indexing plate assembly in drilling operation. The construction consists of assembly of worm and worm wheel mounted on vertical shaft which further carries Rotary round table on upper side with sensor. The indexing table is powered by small electrical motor. The speed of table is control by the speed regulator. The operator needs to rotate worm through few degrees to achieve desired Position of the job which contains the several holes.
Compared to available indexing mechanism the cost of this Drilling Machine Indexing Mechanism is quite less.
Again, as compared to other automated machine the investment here is quite low. Hence this Drilling Machine Indexing Mechanism holds low initial cost, low operating cost, low maintenance cost & low construction cost.
Since no electricity is use to generate rotational motion there are no electric losses. These days manufacturing deal with automation and hi-tech processes consuming huge power supply. In such scenario our Drilling Machine Indexing Mechanism provides not only the speed but also Manual Handling.
Indexing mechanism is made up of mainly worm and worm wheel. In this setup the worm and worm wheel setup is coupled with vertical shaft on which detachable rotary table is connected. For the automatic rotation of worm and worm wheel setup small motor is coupled with help of v belt. The automatic rotation of the rotary table is control by using sensors according to requirement. As job which has to get drilled is mounted on the rotary table is have certain hole or clamping setups as per suited to job.
automatic indexing mechanism
automatic indexing mechanism
In this mechanism the upper round table is rotate which has marking according to requirement. Marking is in angle in which we have to index the table. This marking is nothing but metallic stopper which can detect by the proximity sensor and proximity sensor simply break the circuit of current to stop the rotary table. This causes the indexing in accurate angular displacement.
Ranjeet Mithari and Amar Patil
Abstract – This paper describe the welding Positioner with auto indexing which is very important for mass production industries related with circular welding. As it depends upon the skill of worker to move electrode along the welding line. This special device can rotate the job at fixed rate to assist the welding process for circular components and ensure good profile and homogenous welding. This model has applications in small cylinder welding, compressors, and bottle filling plants etc. Automated welding Positioner machine for circular weld is totally satisfying the requirements. For this system Worm and worm wheel, Cummutator motor, Belt drive, Proximity sensor, Ball bearing, Electronic relay, Inching switch, inputs are required.
From above result we can say that we reduced the total indexing mechanism can reduce the total manufacturing time during mass production in simple drilling machine. So it reduces the cost of labor and increases the production. This mechanism also provides indexing in drilling operation.

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  1. I am in the process of designing a fully automatic special purpose Milling machine to mill Tea garden CTC rollers.

    Am looking for a stury design for automatic indexing arrgn.

    If you provide, shall be grateful and thanksful.


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