Design And Fabrication of Multi-axie welding with auto indexing

Design And Fabrication of Multi-axis welding with auto indexing👍

In this project the welding Positioned with auto indexing which is very important for mass production industries related with circular welding. As it depends upon the skill of worker to move electrode along the welding line. This special device can rotate the job at fixed rate to assist the welding process for circular components and ensure good profile and homogeneous welding. This model has applications in small cylinder welding, compressors, and bottle filling plants etc. Automated welding Positioning machine for circular weld is totally satisfying the requirements. For this system Worm and worm wheel, Commutator motor, Belt drive, Proximity sensor, Ball bearing, Electronic relay, Inching switch, inputs are required.
Now the project mainly concentrates on designing a suitable operating system. To maintain simplicity and economy in the design the locally fabricated unit has been used.
Our project achieves higher safety, reduces human effort, increases the efficiency, reduces the work load, reduces the fatigue of workers and reduces maintenance cost.

Design And Fabrication of Multi-axie welding with auto indexing
Design And Fabrication of Multi-axie welding with auto indexing
Objective of the project

  1. To understand the basic principal of the our project
  2. Describe the construction and working of various parts of our project
  3. Development of the working model of the our project
Technical Specification:
  1. Maximum capacity table in the flat position 30Kg
  2. Maximum capacity table at 90 degrees 15 kg
  3. Maximum rotation torque 65 lb-inches
  4. Rotation centroid max capacity 12mm
  5. Rotation centroid min capacity 4mm
  6. Tilting centroid at max capacity 25 mm
  7. Table tilt degrees 0 to 45
  8. Rotation speed 1 to 20 rpm
  9. Table diameter 250 mm
  10. Tee slots 3 nos. 120 degrees
  11. Table height in the flat position 240mm
  12. Weight approximate 20 kg
Working of the project
Automated welding Positioner machine for circular weld is totally satisfying the requirements. Developed Multi-axis welding Positioner with auto indexing reduces operator fatigue considerably. Because of this automation we achieved rise in production. At the same time there is reduction in rejection which results increase in the profit directly. Hence the cost of project can be recovered within one and half month. Easy operation, as table automatically stops as per indexer button position and next operation is started by merely pressing the inching switch. Hence it is easy to operate as well as precise with noiseless operation which leads to safety of operator. Auto stop feature, to start and end process operation at precise positions with multiple indexer positions, enables to make staggered welded joints. Compact, the entire drive assembly fitted below the table itself, and the controls are placed on the front at ergonomic positions. This system also required less amount of power, so it helps to achieve minimum power consumption.
  1.  In welding
  1. Long operating life
  2. Highly reliable and durable
  3. Easy to operate and maintain
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. No fuel cost- uses abundantly available free solar energy
  1. High installation cost.
  2. Depending upon availability of sun ray.

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