Fabrication Of Pneumatic Multi-Purpose Machine- Mechanical Project



The model pneumatic multipurpose machine is designed to implement in the field of lathe and other industries. It has proved to be the most versatile method to machining works on the work piece. The model consists of a pneumatic rotor and sliding arrangement with handle.
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This machine includes a first functional portion known as the work holder which helps to hold the work piece. This system is provided with a heads in which machining tools are placed. This tools are arranged in sequential manner according to the operations need to be carried out on the work piece. The cutting tools are generally moved about a direction called machining direction. 
Design and Fabrication Of Multi-purpose Machine
Design and Fabrication Of Multi-purpose Machine
The pneumatic rotor is fixed in the clamp as shown in the figure. The work piece is clamped in the vice so that the drilling or grinding operation can be done easily. Here grinding and drilling tool can be changed manually according to the requirement of the operator. Since the tool can be changed the machine is called a multipurpose machine and since it is pneumatic it is named as pneumatic multipurpose machine. The feeding operation is done manually with the help of a spring and pivot arrangement.


  • Low cost
  • Transportable to any place and any where 
  • Since it is pneumatic quick process is carried out
  • Easy to construct


Manual feeding



It can be used in lathes and industries.

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