Fabrication Of Pneumatic Mobile Crane Mechanical Project

Fabrication Of Pneumatic Mobile Crane Mechanical Project



 This project deals with the fabrication of pneumatic mobile crane. The aim of this project work is to acquire practical knowledge in the field of material handling equipment. The project work is concerned with the fabrication of the portable jib crane. This machine is very useful for lifting and transporting heavy jobs upto two tons for all types of jobs such as automobile repairs and service shops of central workshops, production industries, material handling units etc.


The very essence of our economic life and growth is dependent in a great part upon the continued improvement and development of the electronic and mechanical fields. To aid these fields, we have PNEUMATIC MOBILE CRANE, Mechanical type, which can be widely used to lift the products like less weight or heavy weigh blocks, machines, workpieces and etc. Extreme care should be taken while lifting the load in the jib crane layout. The movable (or) mobile type jib Crane is used to lift any same or identical workpieces with mechanical arrangement in easy way.


Its advantage over conventional systems are listed below
1. Compact:
-Because of high speed and pressure capabilities they have a very small weight to power output ratio.
2. Predictable performance:
-Losses are minimum due to less number of moving parts and so gives expected performance.
3. Noise vibration control:
-Due to elegant and simple control systems, it does silent operation and no vibration is produced.
4. Longer life
5. Flexibility
6. Efficient and dependable.
7. Simple installation.

8. Easy maintenance.


1. The life of the parts, like seals, packing and gaskets etc., are very short. But they are
essential to prevent leakage.
2. Cost of this system becomes costlier.
Before starting any project, its planning is done; planning is a very important task and should be taken up with great care, as the efficiency of the whole project depends largely upon the planning. While planning the project each and every detail should be worked out in anticipation and all the relative provisions should be carefully considered in advance. Project planning consists of the following steps.


The capacity of the project work must be decided considering the amount of money to be invested and the availability of materials and machines.


Diagram Of Fabrication Of Pneumatic Mobile Crane
Diagram Of Fabrication Of Pneumatic Mobile Crane


 Having been decided about the project to be manufactured, it must be designed. The work of the design should be done very carefully considering all the relevant factors. After designing the project, its detailed drawings are prepared so that no doubts are left for future. Detailed specifications of the raw materials and finished products should be decided carefully along with the specifications of the machine required for their manufacture. This project work is designed by considering all the particle difficulties while fabricating, in advance.


The list of the material requirement is prepared from the drawings. “This list is known as the “BILL OF MATERIALS”. This can be passed to the storekeeper and the required materials are taken from the store under permission of the storekeeper.


Next work of planning is to select the best method of manufacture, so that wastage of raw material, idle time of the man and machinery and total manufacture time are restricted. Machine tools required to do the jobs are considered, while planning the operation. After considering the above questions, best method is developed and applied.

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