Fabrication of Portable Jib Crane Report PDF free Download

Fabrication of Portable Jib Crane Report PDF free Download


Portable Jib Crane is a small lifting, and material handling equipment used in engineering workshops as well as in godowns & ware houses. Jib Cranes can be used for lifting of different type of material in the segments where frequent lifting & handling of material activity is required. The purpose of these devices is simply to help workers move objects weighing from 50kg to 400kg from one point to another. Portable Jib Cranes is electrically powered for lifting operation, according to the need. Special types of Jib Cranes are also used in positioning the cameras in shootings.
The two degrees of freedom in the horizontal plane are provided by the wheels provided, while the third, vertical degree of freedom is provided by a hoist.
Because of low cost and versatile use, there is a very good application for the jib cranes. . The designing and fabrication of this portable jib crane uses application of mechanics of solids ,manufacturing technology and various subjects of mechanical engineering.


Jib crane consists of an inclined member supported by a rope or any other type of structural member attached to a vertical mast or frame. Load is usually suspended from the outer end of this inclined mast. The outreach of the jib may be fixed or variable. The cranes as a whole may be either, fixed or moveable. Various sub-classifications of these cranes are possible.
Lifting capacity of such cranes may vary from 1/2 ton to 200 ton and outreach from a few meter to 50 meter. Such cranes find various applications in port area, construction site, and other outdoor works.
For handling general cargo, lifting capacities are usually 1.5 ton to 5 ton with maximum outreach of 30 meter. Jib Cranes provided with grabbing facilities have usually a capacity ranging from 3 to 20 tons operating 50 to 100 cycles per hour. Lifting heights may be 30 meters or more.
Jib crane used in ship yards for lifting heavy machinery and equipment, weighing 100 to 300 tons, are usually mounted on pontoons. Frequently these cranes are provided with two main hoisting winches which can be employed singly or together to lift a load. For handling light loads these cranes may have auxiliary arrangement.

Depending on the use, jib cranes are classified into a number of varieties, primarily on the basis of their mountings. These are:
1. Hand Operated Scotch Derrick Type
2. Wall Mounted Jib crane
3. Portal / Semi-portal cranes of different varieties-Wharf cranes
4. Mobile jib cranes consisting of truck mounted and crawler mounted cranes.

portable jib crane
portable jib crane


Jib crane have the following motions:
1. Hoisting motion
2. Derricking or luffing motion
3. Slewing motion
4. Long travel motion


The desired jib crane is portable one with long travel motion. The lifting operation is powered by an electric motor. Rope and pulley arrangement is used to lift the load, which is powered by the motor. The designed capacity is 400 kg.


The various components of the jib crane are: jib and frame (mild steel), electric motor (250 W), worm gear set, winding drum, pulleys, wheels, rope, hook, and forward and reverse switch.

Jib and Frame

The main components of jib crane are frame and jib. The frame includes the base of the crane and the vertical column which is connected to the base. The jib is an inbuilt portion of the column. The material of the frame should be tough enough to withstand the normal shock load and high bending stresses produced during the loading and transporting. The material of the frame selected was mild steel. The mild steel holds the required properties and it is easily available and also cost effective.


  • It can be used in a massive number of areas from vehicle garage to dockyards ,construction site to ware houses
  • They may be even present in smaller version on the back of lorries for loading and unloading
  • Jib cranes are suitable for most places due to the fact that they take up minimal
  • They take up minimal space but primarily they present a much quicker and safer way lifting objects
  • Less personnel injuries
  • It can save expenditure by allowing the job to be finished quicker and by reducing time off for accidents and all the implications that may arise from them
  • So together with the large variety of possibilities and accessories offered, the jib crane is a hugely adaptable lifting piece of equipment ,suitable for many lifting and placing application in the majority of areas


  • It is designed for positioning a work piece or total ,rather than for moving a product along in the work flow like an overhead crane
  • It is also unsuitable to use when there is a need for precise locating of heavy loads ,a large area of hook coverage or frequent use for heavy loads
  • The hook coverage is limited to the boom length (typically a maximum of 20ft).the hook operates along a boom which rotates about a fixed point


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