Automatic White Board Cleaner Report Free Pdf Download

Automatic White Board Cleaner Report Free Pdf Download


The principle point of our task is to save time. It’s exceptionally difficult to invest our energy dependably in cleaning of the white board. This project is implemented to make human work easier and can reduce the use of human power because of its potential applications.
The report puts forward a kind of mechanism design scheme; this mechanism keeps the whiteboard clean. The duster which is mounted on a wooden block moves in forward and reverse direction vertically. Duster is mounted on a chain which receives power from a shaft, on which bevel gears are mounted and a hand wheel is attached with it so that effective drive is being done.
This appertains to new and useful improvements and more particularly to an apparatus whereby whiteboards can be cleaned in an easy and convenient manner. The object of the present automatic whiteboard duster is to provide an attachment for whiteboards in the form of a power driven erasing apparatus which can be set in operation, thus eliminating the drudgery of manually cleaning blackboards.

White Board Cleaner

It is a system that is generally used to clean the whiteboard automatically with the help of duster. By the use of this automatic system we can save our time and energy. It is a new technology that is generally used now a day. A system for cleaning the whiteboard wherein a duster is mounted for longitudinal movement on the board and a hand wheel is mounted that is mechanically interconnected to a drive assembly for producing the movement of the duster in an erasing operation. It will use the bevel gear, chain and sprocket mechanism to convert the rotary motion of hand wheel into linear motion of duster.

Working Process

As per our reviews and survey, we conclude that the automatic whiteboard cleaner machine will give satisfactory rubbing effect by converting rotary motion of hand wheel in to reciprocating motion of duster.
In our project the system uses the bevel gear arrangement for cleaning the whiteboard with the help of hand wheel. Hand wheel transfers power to the shaft through bevel gear then it is transferred to the connecting strip with duster attached to it by nut and bolt arrangement on chain.
The eraser runs on chain and will make it easier for teachers to clean their whiteboard. This project consists of chain and sprocket mechanism, here the sprockets are fitted at both the ends of the two shaft and one of the shaft receives power from hand wheel by means of bevel gear arrangement as described above. In this way whiteboard is cleaned smoothly and efficiently and we will get a desired rubbing effect.


• Its construction is simple and requires less maintenance.
• Low cost.
• Portable in size and easy transportable.
• No external devices are used here to control it.
• Less manual work.
• Time saving project.
• Install automation in operations reduce time.
• Easy and fast operation with maximum wiping area
• High degree of accuracy.
• Problem of dust can be reduce.

Parts used in automatic whiteboard cleaner

1. White Board
2. Bearing
3. Sprocket
4. Chain
5. Duster
6. Frame
7. Shaft
8. Bevel Gears
9. Hand Wheel

Automatic white board apparatus
Automatic white board apparatus


In new era of technology, people want something new in their life. They want every single thing they look in front of their life look sophisticated. People want something that can improve their lifestyle and help them do their job by use of robot or machine. That is why development of machine and robot is nowadays quite popular and faster in marketing. So to help and give benefit to humankind the research and development of Automatic Duster Machine is an alternative machine that can help lecturer, teacher and student to keep their duty clean a white board by using this machine.
In this project, there were some problems that occurred and must be solved to make it perfect. The problem occurs from the design is the efficiency of movement of duster machine. In order to make this machine in high performance and good condition many factor need to be considered. Development of this machine must be tough from the mechanical design, electronic design and how to control it. All factor of measurement of design must be accurate.
As conclusion, an automatic whiteboard cleaning machine was designed and fabricated using low cost material and with user friendly interface. This machine can potentially be used in class rooms to assist the teachers in keeping the whiteboards cleaned.


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