Seminar on Shaping Machine pdf Report Free Download

Seminar on Shaping Machine pdf Report Free Download

Shaping Machine : 

The shaper is a reciprocating type of machine, basically used to produce flat surfaces and many more. This type of machine is used in our college to conduct experiments and practice the exam models. Hence, we are servicing and overhauling this machine, due to lots of major and minor problems, which has been identified. In this machine the various alignments were varied such as tool post alignment, table and table stand alignment, etc,. We are going to replace some items and components such as screw rod, nuts, pawl mechanism parts, crank pin and rod, etc,. The working condition of bull gear mechanism and gear box is quite difficult, so we are re-servicing it and making it accurate and fine. Additional feature we are providing is sensor, so to avoid defects and safety at accident cases and also down feed indicator system. And finally, we are re-painting it for good outlook appearance.



A shaper is a type of machine tool that uses linear relative motion between the work piece and a single-point cutting tool to machine a linear tool path. Its cut is analogous to that of a lathe, except that it is (archetypal) linear instead of helical. (Adding axes of motion can yield helical tool paths, as also done in helical planning.) A shaper is analogous to a planer, but smaller, and with the cutter riding a ram that moves above a stationary work piece, rather than the entire work piece moving beneath the cutter. The ram is moved back and forth typically by a crank inside the column; actuated shapers also exist.

shaping machine projects
shaping machine projects


Shapers are classified in number of ways depending upon the general features of design or the purpose for which they are intended. Shapers are classified under the following headings.

1. According to the type of mechanism used for giving reciprocating motion to the ram:

(a) Crank type (b) Geared type (c) Hydraulic type

2. According to the position and travel of ram:

(a) Horizontal type (b) Vertical type (c) Traveling head type

3. According to the type of design of the table:

(a) Standard shaper (b) Universal shaper

4. According to the type of cutting stroke:

(a) Push type (b) Draw type


In a shaper machine, the rotary- motion of the drive is converted into Reciprocating motion of a ram holding the tool, by means of mechanism inside the column of a machine. In a shaper, the metal is removed during forward cutting stroke, while in return Stroke no metal is removed. Therefore, in order to reduce total machining time, the Shaper mechanisms should be designed

The quick return mechanism of a machine can e obtained by the following Methods:

1. Crank and slotted link mechanism.

2. Whith worth quick return mechanism.

3. Hydraulic shaper mechanism.


  • The length of stroke and position of stroke can be changed. .
  • Single Point Tool reciprocates on the job. .
  • Job is fed across the tool. .
  • Tool is moved downward after completion of cross feed. .
  • Shaper machine is used for generating flat surfaces.


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