Hydraulic shaper machine diagram , Working , Advantages

A typical hydraulic drive for horizontal shaper is shown in Fig. A constant speed motor drives a hydraulic pump which delivers oil at a constant pressure to the line. A regulating valve admits oil under pressure to each end on the piston alternately, at the same time allowing oil from the opposite end of the piston to return to the reservoir.

Hydraulic shaper machine Diagram

hydraulic shaper Diagram
hydraulic shaper Diagram

Working Of Hydraulic operated Shaper machine : 

The piston is pushed by the oil and, being connected to the ram carrying the tool. The admission of oil to each end of the piston, alternately, is accomplished with the help of trip dogs and pilot valve. As the ram moves and completes its stroke (forward or return) a trip dog will trip the pilot valve which operates the regulating valve. The regulating valve will admit the oil to the other side of the piston and the motion of the ram will get reversed. It is clear that the length of the ram stroke will depend upon the position of the t by unclamping and moving the trip dogs to the desired positions.

The above system is a constant pressure system. The velocity of the ram travel will be directly proportional to the oil pressure and the since the piston area on which the oil pressure acts is greater as compared to the other end for which it gets reduced because of the piston rod. the hydraulic power to mechanical power for feeding the work past the tool.

Advantages of Hydraulic drive

  1. Does not make any noise and operates very quietly
  2. Ability to stall against an obstruction without damage to the tool or the
  3. Ability to change length and position of stroke or speed while the machine is running
  4. The cutting and return speeds are practically constant throughout the stroke. This permits the cutting tool to work uniformly during cutting stroke.
  5. The reversal of the ram is obtained quickly without any shock as the oil on the other end of the cylinder provides cushioning effect.
  6. Offers great flexibility of speed and feed
  7. The hydraulic drive shows a very nearly constant velocity as co which has a constantly changing velocity because the horizontal component of the crankpin moving about its circle is constantly changing.
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