A shaper is used to machine a single job by using a single point cutting tool and hence it can not be used for high production rates. This project intends to use shaper for high production as well. A small skeleton structure has been thus devised to demonstrate the machining time reduction in shaping machines.

The shaping machine has an idle stroke during its return motion. This project is uses the idle stroke as cutting stroke and hence increase the production rate. This can be achieved by an addition of clapper box with a tool such that the arrangement on tool holder has one tool clamped on the clapper box individually. This stroke would be a rough cutting stroke for the job, compared to the forward stroke. The pneumatic source of power with control accessories is used to drive the ram or the cylinder piston to obtain the forward and return strokes. By this arrangement the machining time of a work piece is reduced by half the time when compared with the conventional machines.


Machining time reduction of shaper machine mechanical Project
Machining time reduction of shaper machine mechanical Project

Pneumatic system use pressurized gases to transmit and control power, as the name implies, pneumatic systems typically use air as fluid medium, because air is a safe, low cost and readily available fluid. It is particularly safe environments where an electrical spark could ignite leaks from the system components.

There are several reasons for considering the use of pneumatic system instead of hydraulic system Liquid exhibit greater inertia than gases. Therefore, in hydraulic system
the weight of the oil is a potential problem.
To design and development a material handling system for automation /semi automation of industries by using pneumatic control system, which is used for low cost automation.


  1. Machining Time Reduced
  2. Quick response is achieved
  3. Simple in construction
  4. Easy to maintain and repair
  5. Cost of the unit is less when compared to other Machines
  6. No fire hazard problem due to over loading
  7. Comparatively the operation cost is less
  8. The speed of forward and reverse stroke is varied
  9. Continuous operation is possible without stopping


  1. While working, the compressed air produces noise therefore a silencer may
    be used.
  2. High torque can not be obtained
  3. Load carrying capacity of this unit is not very high

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