Design and Fabrication Of Modified Crane Bucket Material Handling System

Design and Fabrication Of Modified Crane Bucket Material Handling System

In material handling, the cranes play a vital role in modern manufacturing industries, total load is acted at the bucket which transmits the load. In our project we aim to modify the design of the bucket for carrying the load as well as transferring it from one place to another. This can be achieved with the help of “MODIFIED CRANE BUCKET SYSTEM”. Here the gripper is split into two equal halves which are connected with the help of two handling blocks in which one is for handling the position of the gripper and next one is for loading and unloading the component with the help of controlling the pair of grippers. The activation of the gripper is controlled with the help of hand lever which is powered manually with the help of pulley and rope arrangement. 
In this modern competitive industrial world one can get a step ahead of his competitor by selection of proper material handling equipment. Material handling process is overhead for the production but it is heart of any process plant. Still people prefer most advanced material handling equipment even though they are costly. But cost can be justified after prolonged usage of that equipment.
Bucket elevator has evolved as advanced material handling equipment in mechanized bulk material handling industry. The effective use of different type of bucket elevators are completely depends on its design and type of bulk material. In this report different types of bucket elevator are discussed along their different parts and the design of centrifugal discharge bucket elevator with simultaneous buckets for lifting wheat at a certain height is reported for a particular output rate. Detailed design, CAD parts, coding for the design procedure of bucket elevator, fabrication related data and future scope of work and at last satisfactory conclusion is worked out in successive chapters.
Design and Fabrication Of Modified Crane Bucket Material Handling System
Design and Fabrication Of Modified Crane Bucket Material Handling System
The material from one place goes to the other place with the help of crane bucket through the activation of the hand lever. This system reduces the worker’s fatigue and increases the overall efficiency of production processes with good safety. It is fabricated with complete clear front, small compact frame, good reach, high lift and with low center of gravity. This MODIFIED CRANE BUCKET SYSTEM has the capacity of lifting 5 kg with wide spread application in the shop floor. Thus the floor crane would serve as a safe, versatile and cost efficient system for material handling operations.


Generally bucket elevators are classified in mainly two types.
  1. Belt type bucket elevator.
  2. Chain type bucket elevator.
Now a day there are many types of bucket elevators are available and each one is different
from other according to their feature, application, and design.

Design and Fabrication Of Modified Crane Bucket Material Handling System
Design and Fabrication Of Modified Crane Bucket Material Handling System


Which is contain for two D.C motor, have it placed fixing the two pulley one is drive to have a closed the bucket and another one is lifting to the total bucket weight, every think is drive to the rope connection.
That is hole setup is contain for moving frame and placed at base frame had been suitable process for sand collecting and light weight material transferred conditions usage.
It is operated to the two push button, which connect the battery to motor, you are drive to motor, press the push button it will be operated for lifting and closing condition.
Method of Operation:
Bucket elevators operate by using an endless belt or chain on which rectangular buckets are mounted. The belt or chain revolves between a top and bottom pulley and the buckets move with it. At the bottom the buckets pick up product fed into the elevator boot and at the top the product is discharged as the bucket turns downward over the head pulley.

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