Pneumatic six axis material handling robot – Mechanical Project

Pneumatic Six Axis Material Handling Equipment

The current material handling processes includes complicated designs and the cost of the system is also high. Hence every industry is in need of a suitable material handling equipment which must be of low cost and also it must be flexible enough for the users.

This Pneumatic Six Axis Material Handling Equipment project serves as best for satisfying the above conditions. We used pneumatic application for the automation and it can be moved in six axis such that the entire material handling process can be automated.

Working Principle: 

Our Pneumatic Six Axis Material Handling Equipment project consists of six pneumatic cylinders which are actuated with the help of the compressed air from the compressor. One pneumatic cylinder is attached at the bottom of the setup which is coupled with the rack and pinion arrangement and this cylinder is used to rotate the setup in 360°.

Another cylinder is placed vertically which is used to actuate the arm of the machine. The third cylinder is provided just above the vertical cylinder for achieving the raising and lowering action of the arm. The fourth cylinder is used to extend and retard the arm.

The fifth cylinder is used to raise and lower the gripper assembly. The last cylinder is used to actuate the gripper setup which is usually used to hold the work materials. Corresponding pneumatic cylinders are actuated with the help of the compressed air from the separate compressors and the material from one place in transferred to the other place with the help of this six axis material handling equipment.

This machine is highly useful since it can be moved in 360°.


Discharge of work piece
The arm feed has a wide application in low cost automation industries. It can be used in automated assembly lines to pick up the finished product from workstation and place them in bins. It can also be used to pick raw material and place them on the conveyor belts.

Work clamping
This unit can also be used in clamping. Operation in certain areas of mass production where clamping and an clamping have to be done at high speeds. The application of these units is limited to operations which involved moderate clamping forces.

Tool Changing Application
When the pneumatic arms are made smaller in size they can be used in automatic tool changes in CNC turning and drilling machines, by attaching tool holding device to the rotary cylinder

pneumatic based six axis material handling system


  • The pneumatic arm is more efficient in the technical field
  • Quick response is achieved
  • Simple in construction
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Cost of the unit is less when compared to other robotics
  • No fire hazard problem due to over loading
  • Comparatively the operation cost is less
  • The operation of arm is faster because the medium used to operate is air
  • Continuous operation is possible without stopping


  •  While working, the compressed air produces noise therefore a silencer may be used.
  • High torque can not be obtained
  • Load carrying capacity of this unit is not very high. (<50 N)
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