In our project “MATERIAL DIMENSION ANALYZING ROBOT WITH LOAD CELL” beings with an introduction to material Inspection, it’s various applications. The sensors are used to measure the material dimensions and this signal is given to control Unit. 
The control unit gives the appropriate signal to the pneumatic cylinder. The pneumatic cylinder is used to collecting mechanism of the improper dimension materials.      The inspection conveyor is very useful for material handling in modern engineering industries. The motor is used to drive the conveyor. The materials are transferred from one place to another place by using conveyor. In this top of the conveyor, sensors are used to measure the dimension. This system gives smooth operation and smooth movement of the belts to the jobs at required time.
This is a very efficient instrument for checking the dimensions like length, breadth, height etc., to be used in modern engineering industries.  The manual efforts can be completely avoided by using this modern equipment.  It also reduces the inspection time and manual inspection errors. If the work piece is defective, the pneumatic cylinder placed next to the sensor will be actuated to remove the defective work piece. 


This is an era of automation where it is broadly defined as replacement of manual effort by mechanical power in all degrees of automation. The operation remains an essential part of the system although with changing demands on physical input as the degree of mechanization is increased.
Automation can be achieved through computers, hydraulics, pneumatics, robotics, etc., of these sources, pneumatics form an attractive medium for low cost automation. The main advantages of all pneumatic systems are economy and simplicity. Automation plays an important role in mass production.
For mass production of the product, the machining operations decide the sequence of machining. The machines designed for producing a particular product are called transfer machines. The components must be moved automatically from the bins to various machines sequentially and the final component can be placed separately for packaging. Materials can also be repeatedly transferred from the moving conveyors to the work place and vice versa.
  Quality Control and Inspection are the most important things in factory design. Automation plays a vital role in mass production of a product, the machining operations decides the sequence of machining. The machines designed for producing a particular product are called transfer machines. Conveyor Automation is a specialized activity for a modern manufacturing concern. It has been estimated that about 60-70% of the cost production is spent in material transferring activities.

Need for Dimension analysis:
• Reduction of lab our and material cost
• Reduction of overall cost
• Increased production
• Increased storage capacity
• Increased safety
• To reduce the inspection time
• Reduction in fatigue
• Improved personnel comfort



  1. The Inspection Conveyor is more efficient in the technical field 
  2. Quick response is achieved 
  3. Simple in construction 
  4. Easy to maintain and repair 
  5. Cost of the unit is less when compared to other 
  6. No fire hazard problem due to over loading
  7. Comparatively the operation cost is less
  8. Continuous operation is possible without stopping 


While working, the compressed air (For Punching Operation) produces noise therefore a silencer may be used.


  • Discharge of work piece:-
The Conveyor Feed has a wide application in low cost automation industries. It can be used in 
automated assembly lines to carry up the finished product from workstation and place them in bins. 
It can also be used to pick raw material and place them on the conveyor belts.
  • Improper Material Removing operation:-
          This unit can also be used in improper material collected in a collecting box. The solenoid operated pneumatic cylinder is used for this mechanism.

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