Automatic Poor Quality Rejection Using Conveyor Automation

Automatic Poor Quality Rejection Using Conveyor Automation


 To perform the Automatic Poor Quality Rejection using conveyor automation.


The Automatic poor quality rejecter sense and deliver the right product and ejects outs the poor quality products. 
The product is moved to the Sensor Cabin to verify the quality through the Conveyor. The Dimension of the product is checked using the Sensor Interface. If the product has no accurate dimension the rejecter rejects the product to the Rejecter Bin. If the product has high quality the conveyor moves it to the Accepted Bin. The motor is used to move the Conveyor that carries the product.
The Micro Controller is used to sense the product using sensor interface, control the rejecter using rejecter control, control the motor using motor driver. The Power Supply provides power to the all the parts of the systems..
Layout Of Automatic Poor Quality Rejection Using Conveyor Automation
Layout Of Automatic Poor Quality Rejection Using Conveyor Automation

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