In order to propelled  Dead weight type automatic guided vehicle, we have treated rack and pinion Mechanism to conventional AGVs. In order to acquires self propelled motion to the material handling conventional AGV by utilizing rack and pinion motion transfer.  In these type of mechanism we have using rack and pinion type gear. Rack and pinion type gear are connected to platform,  four springs are connected to each corner of the platform so, it will be acts as power saving units. When dead weight are kept in the platform, platform moves downward direction so there exist gear train, it is subjected to lower portion (front or rear axle of the vehicle). When Gravitaional force is applied on the platform and then platform are moves downward direction  When weight is removed from the platform, vehicle moves backward direction without application of external force .

Objectives of Project

Self-weight acting material handling MACHINES are working on the weight of the material to be carried; they do not require any kind of fuel or electric current for travelling from one place to another place. Material handling MACHINES are used in heavy engineering works like steel plant, forging, casting industry. Sometimes this may result process into delay in further production. Also in this processes there is no chance of accidents since the vehicle is travelling in a straight direction on the track on which the wheels are mounted. The above mentioned systems may prove time consuming. Hence the need of a system of conveyance that can give intermittent as well as continues mode of operation will have a fast response as well as can be suitably modified to the need of variety of components in the system layout. Also the material handling device which is carrying the load must have low maintenance and must led a long period for service


Principle Of weight operated material handling device
Principle Of weight operated material handling device
In material handling device when the load in the form of passenger i.e. material to be transported is ideally kept on the carriage. As the load is kept due to its own weight the carriage tends to slide down or move down. But as it is mounted on the rack the rack slides down by compressing the helical spring. While sliding down as it is in mesh with the pinions teeth in perpendicular direction it rotates the pinion and its shaft. As performing this movement the carriage will move in down ward direction in proportion with the height of the helical spring which is under the rack.As the output shaft of the pinion rotates it also rotates the disc having teethes on its periphery. This rotation of disc is transmitted to the bicycle pully inserted on the axle of the trolley and connected with the V beltas a motion transmitting link. As the rotary motion is transmitted to the axle, the axle rotates and this same motion is given to the wheels on which the whole load is mounted.Then slowly the vehicle moves from its original position and by achieving torque it carries the load from position 1 to position 2. The position 2 is achieved only after the spring gets completely compressed. At position 2 when the load is removed then the spring tries to expand forcefully which moves the rack to move in upward direction. While moving in upward direction the teeth of rack rotates the pinion with its shaft in opposite direction and then the axle also rotates in opposite direction which in finally moves the whole trolley in reverse direction up to when the spring gets completely expanded and then the trolley regains its original position


a. It is easy to lift the load without any accidents. 
b. Labour cost decreases because it doesn’t require a labor for operating it. 
c. Cost is less as compared to other MACHINES. 


a. Working efficiency is less because of mechanical components, compared to hydraulic system. 
b. Wear of gear is possible. 

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