Pipeline Welding – Welding types used in Pipe Fabrication

Pipeline Welding – Welding types used in Pipe Fabrication

Pipeline welding is important in industry. The chief methods are used in the welding of pipelines for gas, oil, water, etc. There are several types of pipe joints. Pipes may be joined by either fixed position welding or roll welding. Pipe welding in fixed position and the lengths of pipes to be welded are placed on rollers for easy rotation. In roll welding the pipes are rotated as the weld progresses.

The lengths are then lined up and held by clamps and tack welded (Tack weld) in four places around the circumference—as many lengths as can be handled conveniently. The welding of the joint is entirely done in the flat position—so it is called roll welding in larger pipes.

Pipe welding in Butt position joint will be used in water lines, gas lines, oil refineries, .etc. In Butt weld uniform diameter is obtained along the whole pipe, and also correct reinforcement. Pipes are usually joined by butt welds with the single V joint preparation.

The object of edge preparation is to ensure the degree of penetration and each welding is necessary to obtain a good sound weld. The edges are beveled so as to leave a root face and root gap. This is done in order to prevent and burn through when the first bead is given. The gap between the edges are left for better penetration.

pipe welding v butt
pipe welding v butt

Pipeline Welders, also known as Pipe Welders, join and repair tubular products and metallic pipe components and assemblies as part of the construction of buildings, vessels, structures, and stand-alone pipelines. They use a variety of welding processes and equipment, in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments. Because pipes are routinely set up in fixed positions and situated in ways that make welding difficult, pipeline welders must be well-trained and versatile. As such, they are among the most highly skilled and sought after welders.

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