Paper Cutting And Rewinding Machine report download project

Paper Cutting And Rewinding Machine report download project

Definition Of Project

A project is a group of unique, inter-related activities that are planned and executed in a certain sequence to create a unique product or service, within a specific time frame, budget and the clients specifications. Some of the characteristics of the task
that qualify to be projects are:
1) Unique Activities
2) Attainment of a specific goal
3) Sequence of activities
4) Specified time
5) Interrelated activities

The success of the project is depend on the ability to strike a balance between the following interrelated variables or constraints, that are:
1) Scope of product
2) Quality of product
3) Cost(design cost, material cost, Service cost & Transportation charges)
4) Time (lead time, manufacturing time)
5) Resources

Background Of Project

At the time of deciding the subject of the project, there was a auction of one paper mill named ‘Maharudra Paper mill Pvt. Ltd.’ And unfortunately we saw that add and as it is near to our college we go there to see how was the setup of any paper mill. That time first we saw the paper re-winding machine And wanting someone to explain working. So by some reference We got the address of Mr. V.D. Zirmire, The chairmen of ‘Sun-Shine Engineering Works’. We discussed with him and convinced him to guide us to Modify the machine. So he says yes to not only guide us but also to give us free machining charges. It look like dream come true that we got the help of such experienced person and our Sir also.
The conventional paper re-winding machine was 9-10 feet in length, 5 feet in width and almost 6 feet in height. It also facilitate complex mechanisms. 

The floor space acquired by the machine is too large thus we decided to cut the length of machine up to 6 feet and also height up to 4.5 feet and put the width as it is because it is the size of standard paper. (But as our project is a demo project we decided to take the width 3 feet.)
Then they have also used the complex mechanism for mounting the roll which is to be re-winded. So we decide to use the Self aligning bearing with extended inner ring for easy mounting and un-mounting.
Then we see there a cutter and roll adjustment for cutting paper Which add extremely high wt. to machine and decided to give some new design which is also discussed .
Then as they are using the motor mounting outside the structure it consumes much more floor space and also create difficulties in operating the break. So we are Giving the motor mounting adjustment within the structure itself. Above and other modifications are explained in sequence with the structure fabricating process in the report.

paper cutting and rewinding machine mechanical projects
paper cutting and rewinding machine mechanical projects


1) It is more compact as compared with conventional one.
2) Operation is simple Because of eliminating complex mechanisms.
3) Saving of floor space as motor is adjusted inside the structure.
4) New cutter clamping assembly given by us will eliminate the biggest disadvantage of machine i.e. high weight.


5) The main problem that we caught during demo that paper get winded loosely, but for that we have given one suggestion in topic future modification.

Download report 

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