Manual Die Cutting Machine – Leather Cutting Machine | Mechanical Project

Manual Die Cutting Machine – Leather Cutting Machine | Mechanical Project

What is a Die Cutting Machine?

A die cutting machine is a machine designed to cut materials, such as paper, fabric, or metal, to a specific shape. These cutout shapes can then be used for a variety of projects, such as scrapbooking, t-shirts, homemade cards, quilts, or decorations for a party.

Generally, there are two types of die cutting machines – manual die cutting machines and digital die cutting machines.

Manual die cutting machines are die cutting machines that work like a cookie cutter. Cutting dies are purchased separately to be used in the machine, which cut the desired material. Cutting dies come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. There are a few companies that specialize in custom dies.

Die cutting can be done on either flatbed or rotary presses. Rotary die cutting is often done inline with printing. The primary difference between rotary die cutting and flatbed die cutting is that the flatbed is not as fast but the tools are cheaper. This process lends itself to smaller production runs where it is not as easy to absorb the added cost of a rotary die.

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Construction and working :

Die cutting machines are machines that cut shapes out of paper, chipboard, fabric and other materials. Die cutting sometimes referred as dinking or blanking. Manual die cutting machines are operated with an easy to turn lever and use steel dies to cut paper, leather and other materials. Sometimes these machines will also have a powered component that will help turn the lever or crank.

Die cutting machines can be used to make stickers, envelopes, stand-up cards, shaker cards, pillow boxes, shoes , Sandal and more.

design and fabrication of die cutting machine or leather cutting machine
design and fabrication of die cutting machine or leather cutting machine

it consist of two vertical lead screw column . Middle plate remain fix while operation but further it’s height can adjustable using nut. Handle lever oscillate about fixed Middle plate. eccentric disc or cams are attached with handle shaft. Spring get compressed when plunger moves down and get back in its original position when handle moves towards upward direction .

Die is important element here. Die shape should be same as workpiece Profile or shape.
For variety of profiles we need different dies according to profile it should made. Dies one end should be sharp edge to shear off the material properly and with high cutting quality.

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Cutting tools must be made of a material harder than the material which is to be cut, and the tool must be able to withstand the heat generated in the cutting process.
I Suggest you should go with D2 ,WPS ,OHNS materials which having hardness near to 45 to 50 HRC.

In manual die cutting machines, a piece of paper or leather is placed on the platform of the machine. Then, a die in the shape you would like cut is laid on top of the piece of paper. Once everything is in place, the lever is cranked, by hand, which feeds the platform through the machine. As the platform goes through the machine, uniform pressure is placed on the die, pressing the metal die into the paper or leather. The sharp edges of the die cut the paper, creating the desired shape. The platform then comes out the other side of the machine and you can access your die.

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  1. Hi Sachin, this 3D model you have here is very interesting. I’m currently a university’s student. I’m wondering if there’s any way that I can get the drawings or the dimensions for this die cutting machine? I’m interested to use this model for my DFMA project. Your work here is absolutely amazing. I would appreciate if you can give me a reply. Thanks.

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