Hand Operated bench Shearing Machine | Mechanical Project

Hand Operated bench Shearing Machine | Mechanical Project

Hand operated bench type shearing machines suitable for production operations in all shearable materials including Plastic, fibre, mica, rubber, leather, alluminium, copper, cobalt steel, chrome, molybednium, lead, brass & stainless steel, standard equipments include handle.

A shearing machine is a versatile hand power tool, which is used to cut through hard metal sheets, cloth, bar or plates of metal or any other material. The shearing machines are either pneumatic, hydraulic or electric powered. The shearing machine blades are made of sturdy high carbon steel. There is a various kind of shearing machine available in the market to use in the metal manufacturing industry:

Alligator Shear: Alligator shears are used for cutting long metal stock like I-beams, angle iron, and pipe. They are powered by a hydraulic cylinder for efficient performance.

Bench Shear: Bench shears are ideal for cutting rough shapes from medium-sized pieces of sheet metal. Bench shears are bench mounted and can be used for 90-degree angle cut and T-section cutting as well as cutting both round and square bars.

Guillotine: Guillotine can be mechanical, hydraulic or foot powered. Guillotine is a complete set of shear table, gauging device, work holding device, and upper and lower shears. It is used for high volume production work because of its high-speed performance.

hand Operated bench shearing machine
hand Operated bench shearing machine

Hand Shearing is the cheapest method to rough cutting of sheet metal jobs ,work pieces. hand operated shearing machine is mini project for diploma as well as BE Mechanical students. In this video we will see about hand operated bench shearing machine . this machine is used for cutting rough shapes out of medium-sized pieces of sheet metal, but cannot do delicate work. This Machines are Light weight and easy efficient operation, yet very sturdy in construction. These special features help the operators save a great deal of their energy. The lever which gives mechanical advantage is connected with gear sector . this gear sector is engaged with other gear sector which is fixed with frame . frame is robust made up of casting and M.S. tubes section.

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