Hand Operated Can Crusher mechanical project Full report Download

Hand Operated Can Crusher mechanical project Full report Download


The study of manufacturing was very important in order to carried out this project to ensure that student understand on what are needs to do. This project is about designing and fabricating the Can Crusher to helps people easy to crush the Aluminium,tin and soda cans. This project involves the process of designing the crusher using considering forces and ergonomic factor for people to use. After the design has complete,it was transformed to its real product where the design is used for guideline. These projects also require ensuring the safety for indeed of publishing. Methods and process involve in this project for instance joining using bending, welding, drilling, and cutting process. This project is mainly about generating a new concept of Can Crusher that would make easier to bring anywhere and easier to crush the tin. After all process had been done, this crusher may help us to understand the fabrication and designing process that involve in this project.Even though there are many types of the can crusher machine in the market, the completion of this new model provide same practical usage.


The main purpose of this project is to understand the fundamental knowledge of design and mechanism by using gear system and a simple mechanism property. This project contains of designing and fabrication of can crusher machine. There have many differences between this can crusher with current design in marketplace. This project is to develop and improving it performance as well so that there has no doubt about the design and concept. This design required little forces to crush the aluminum cans, can crush a can at a time. In this project, it requires lot of skills, information and also knowledge such as Computer Aided Design software, Solid works software, using machine called shearing machine, bending machine, vertical bend saw, bench work and welding process. This design definitely would help the user. So, this design would through much process before it get into prototype term in order to achieve the objectives and off course customer need.
A mechanical tin can crusher is basically one of the most aid able machines. It helps to reduce the pollute environment of this world. Thus helps create a better place to live in. apart from that, this can crusher can actually be the future mode of recycle part from the recycle bins. It can be placed everywhere, in the park, houses, even incurs, by using a smaller can crusher. Therefore, this project interest and expose me the field of mechanism and design Engineering. To design the mechanical part of a can crusher and to fabricate the Mechanical part of the system. 
Hand Operated Can Crusher mechanical project 
Hand Operated Can Crusher mechanical project

Raw material used in Can Crusher:

1. 4 pieces of Angle arm two of 30 inch. and two of 10 inch For the base, made up of cast iron
2. Cylinder or sleeve made up of steel
3. Piston made up of steel
4. Connecting rod made up of cast iron
5. Crank shaft up of cast iron
6. Two shafts made up of cast iron having 1.5 inch Diameter.
7. Handle with rotor of steel 
8. Chain wheel Pinion(driving) gear having 14 teeth made up of cast iron.
9. Chain wheel Driven (bull) gear having 42 teeth made up of cast iron.
10. Four bushes made up of brass or bronze.
11. Nut bolts.
12. Hood or cover made up of sheet metal.
13. Hinge.
14. Round iron bars for hopper.
15. Angle arm for gear box and legs of base.


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