Hand Operated Or Manually Operated Punching Machine- Mechanical Videos 

Hand Operated or manually operated punching machine is low cost and very useful product can be for punching , drilling , making impression and blanking . This type of machines are suitable for thin metal sheets , plastic and rubber materials. Specially in leather industries this punching machines are mainly used . This simple machine consist frame made up of steel plates . those horizontal and vertical frame is welded together . Die assembly is fixed with frame using bracket and fasterners. Die assembly is female part which can change according to operation by simply removing nut and bolts. spring is supported in between two plates which helps to move lever upwards . shaft is placed in between springs and spring supporting plates.

manually Operated hand operated punching machine
manually Operated hand operated punching machine

At bottom of shaft punch is attached using locking washer and bolt sub assembly. Lever or we can say operating handle is attached with cam . As soon as lever get operated it will push shaft towards down side with help of cam against Spring Force.

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