Spiral binding punching machine – Diploma Mechanical Projects

Spiral binding Punching Machine – Diploma Mechanical Projects


Spiral binding punching machine is a portable multi-punch machine to punch holes in a bunch of papers with the help of manually operated lever. This machine is designed to punch holes for spiral binding of the A4 size documents (papers). The punching machine consist of series of slender punches, penetrates in die holes and bunch of papers are placed between the fixed stripper plate and die, and hole are punched at its prerequisites position by the application of force manually applied force with the help of a lever. The punches together are mechanized by connecting links providing mechanical advantage to the manually applied load. The main features of this machine are portable in size, easy in operation and maintenance and economical in cost. Design, working drawing with specification and animation of machine assembly is checked and tested in SOLIDWORKS drafting and designing software to increase in productivity in design, after design manufacturing and final testing of the actual working of the all the assembled parts. Finally, selecting and working on this project provides us as a diploma engineering student, an opportunity and vision to accomplish more bigger tasks in machine tool industry, technical know-how of designing and manufacturing, cost estimation, and putting a cost effective, durable, easily maintainable product in today’s competitive market.


Spiral binding machines are easy to use, compact, affordable and perfect for any spiral book binding project. Bind documents or business proposals by using a spiral binding machine and spiral coil binding machine supplies.


  • Paper punch and paper drill are machines for drilling holes through large stack of paper or punching holes in small stack or few sheets.
  • The different lies in the process that is use to achieve the result.
  • Paper drills are powered by motor can handle large stack of paper.
  • Paper punch are manual device for putting holes in smaller quantity of paper and physical smaller in size.
  • Custom hole punches can be designed for your specific requirement.


  • It can punch only 39 holes.
  • It cannot cut metal sheet.
  • It required high load for punching on paper.
  • It can punch only medium quantity of paper.


  • Paper punch machine equipment handle large document heavy punching load and feature convenient auto capabilities to prevent jams.
  • A semi-automatic electrics paper punch are heavy duty paper punch machine can handle other documents of many different project.
  • Electric hole punches machines and paper punch machine offer to ability to change the patterns designed with unparalleled efficiency the electric punch machine feature another changeable die modules.
  • Present patents pending hand operator hole punch machine are used to punch holes through the paper sheets or sketch of sheets to keep all punched sheets. Field in well-arranged manner. It is manner necessary that all the sheets have holes at the same location.

On going process to complete the spiral binding punching machine project the main advantage of this project is it can punch 39 hole for max 15 papers without using electricity.Main conclusion about this project conclusion is very less human effort is required,we are trying our best to manufacture the punch machine and it can be further improved by introducing automatic punch machine which is programmed &handle easily. The main things we learnt from this project is understanding the concept of design, tooling, designing software like creo, chart making, estimating and costing, manufacturing etc.

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  1. Help me about this project but we are doing spiral binding together paper cutter and lamination machine so it some difficulty

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