In this project we are fabricate the hand operated sheet metal bending machine. This equipment needs no electrical power to operate, just using the manual power to bend the sheet metal. This project reduces the cost involved in concern and also avoids the electrical power usage. This project is very useful for small scale industries and workshops.

The project consist the following parts

  1. Handle
  2. Pivot
  3. Spring
  4. Supporting arm
  5. Moving arrangement
  6. Male die
  7. Female die

The base contains the all parts of this equipment. The supporting arm is fixed on the base, in the supporting arm pivot; handle and moving arrangements are fixed. The end of the moving arrangement the male die is fixed. The female die is fixed below the male die in the base. We place the sheet metal between the male die and female die, and then press the handle. The handle comes down then the pivot is pressing the moving arrangement, then the moving arrangement with male die comes down. During this movement the sheet metal bended at a required shape for our need. The shape of the bending is changing the different die arrangements. This equipment is easily operateable to less skilled labors also. So this equipment is suitable for small scale industries and workshops.

hand operated bending machine
hand operated bending machine


  • Easy to operate
  • Less maintenance
  • No electrical power required
  • It occupies less floor space
  • Less skilled operator is sufficient


  •  Making continuous operation in this equipment the man get fatigue


  1. Applicable in small scale industries
  2. Applicable in workshops, etc..,
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