Design and Fabrication of Pipe Bending Machine report Download

Design and Fabrication of Pipe Bending Machine report Download


Mechanical Engineering without production and manufacturing is meaningless. Production and manufacturing process deals with conversion of raw materials inputs to finished products as per required dimension, specification and efficiently using recent technology. The new development and requirements inspired us to think of new improvements in manufacturing field.
In our project Pipe Bending Machine various diameters of pipe is being bend with the help of this machine and various shapes is obtained like v-shape, circular, square, channel etc. It is widely used in various industrial operation such as bending a tube to make coil or sheet metal to make certain shape such as ‘V’ shape.

Bending is a manufacturing process that produces a V-shape, U-shape, or channel shape along a straight axis in ductile materials, most commonly sheet metal. Commonly used equipment includes box and pan brakes, brake presses, and other specialized machine presses.

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A bending is a process of bending a metal. The metal can be a sheet metal, tubes, square hollow, rod, and iron angle. This type of metal has its own thickness. In bending machine designing several considerations is taken into including type of metal, type of the roller bender, power driven or manual and the size of the bending machine. Usually, the difference of these types of bending machine is only on the capacity of the bending machine that can bend a sheet metal or tube. Today, the bending machine that available in the market is for the sheet metal and tube bending machine. Many machine makers vary their products based on the capacity of the bending machine and power driven or manual. Moreover, most of the machine uses roll bending type. This type of machine has 3 rolls which is 1 roll is fixed and the other 2 are adjustable. The sheet metal needs to put in the roller and then rolls around it until the desire shape is acquired. The products that can be produced with this machine are coil, truncated cone, etc.


It consists of several parts namely:-

a) FRAME- The frame provides support to the entire machine components.
b) MOTOR- It is fastened to the frame and draws power from a.c source and it also consists of a bending die.
c) DIE– A bending die consists of a vice which is welded to it and which is used to hold a pipe firmly.
d) STAND- It is used to support the rod or pipe at other side.
e) VICE- It is located on the stand which provides strength to the rod.


Pipe bending as a process starts with loading a tube into a pipe bender and clamping it into place between two dies, the clamping block and the forming die. The tube is also loosely held by two other dies, the wiper die and the pressure die.
A pipe bending machine is a simple bending machine which is operated by a a.c or d.c motor. The motor is attached to the frame of the machine and also consist of a circular die on which a vice to hold the rod is welded.

pipe bending machine report download
pipe bending machine report download

First of all the rod to be bend is set in the vice of the machine and then power supply is put on, then the motor begins to produce torque and depending upon the dimension of the rod it is bend. The power from the motor is transferred which rotates the circular plate in anticlockwise direction and bend the rod for given radius. Various die can be used as per requirements namely v-die, wiping die, roller die, etc.



1. Angle Bending
2. Metal Folding
3. U Hook
4. Marine Tube
5. Heat Exchanger
6. Scroll Bending


1. Easily operated
2. Simple construction
3. Low cost
4. Rigid construction


In this project , a iron rod is efficiently bend for a given power of motor, whose diameter is 2.8 cm. the various pipe bending machines consisting of various dies used for production in Industries are known in this project This bending tool is very useful in household application as it runs at very low cost and very efficient.
In this project various pipe shape that is square, v-shape, channel bend, circular shape are bend the rod at any angle.


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