Fabrication Of automatic Hydraulic Bending and Bend Removing Machine

Fabrication Of automatic Hydraulic Bending and Bend Removing Machine

Abstract –

The foremost aim of our project is to fabricate a hydraulic operated jack for the purpose of pipe bending and bend removing machine. Hydraulic operated equipment’s are used in different fields. In an Automobile hydraulic jack is raised for greasing job. Stepping on the brake pedal creates the hydraulic power, which stops the rotation of the four wheelers or two wheelers to stop. In order to remove
the bend of pipes, rods and bars hydraulic bend removing machine is the most suitable equipment. To remove bends from pipe or rod to be supported between the die holders and jack is actuated on pipe. It exerts force on the pipe and bends it to the suitable angle depending on the dies used.
Hydraulic bending machine is consist of hydraulic jack, die holder, pulley, slider, wiper motor, and spring. Actuation of hydraulic jack is simple and reliable to maintain. In industries, Hydraulic bending and bend removing machine is portable, it is a flexible and less expensive. Hence it is better to replace conventional machines by hydraulic pipe bending and bend remove machine automatic operated bending
machine requires no maintenance and power utilization. During mass production it can be converted into automated or electrically operated jack so that the rate of production can be increased. Applications of bending machines are found to be in production industries, workshop automobile etc. now a day focusing into automation .this project is aimed to bending pipe operation of by using automatically with help of wiper motor.

The aim of this chapter is provide all the basic information about project background. This project include theoretical and technical framework necessary for understanding the work during objective of study, scope of study and benefits of study.

Objective Of Study

  • The main objective of the devices used for bend the hollow pipe of any material.
  • Similarly removing the bend of already existing bends efficiently.
  • Removing of bends of rod or pipe without affecting the material of pipe or rod.
  • All the operation of bending and removing bends are fully automated.

Scope of Study

  1. The most basic consideration when choosing hydraulic bending and bend removing machine is that the formation of bends.
  2. That’s why we can develop hydraulic bending and bend removing machine which most can bend up to 1 inch diameter of the rod or pipe.
  3. Hydraulic bending and bend removing machine provide most economical dependable and versatile method of bending rod or pipe.
  4. Hydraulic bending and bend removing machine have few moving parts are well lubricated and provide many year trouble free operation.


Constructional Diagram

Components in Hydraulic Ladder:-
1. Hydraulic Jack
2. pulley
3. Die holder
4. Remove holder
5. Wiper motor
6. D.C battery
7. Spring

For Bending :– Firstly take a pipe and fit in the die holder. In the die holder screw is fitted for adjustment purpose of rod
as fitted in die holder.
Hydraulic jack is connected to wiper motor and it connected to D.C supply when D.C supply is given to wiper motor, now motor start running and ram push in up word direction , where pulley is fitted at top.as the ram goes up word then rod also taken to top by the force of hydraulic jack and pipe get bend .By this we can bend the rod in V and L and shapes.

For Removing Bend: This Bend we have to change the die of instinct of Circular Die. We have to used Rectangular Die. In order to remove bend or pipe or removed the rod.


  • Safety device for emergency power off. When the electricity is failure, the hydraulic bending and bend removing machine can using by manual .
  • It is a portable and simple construction
  • The length of stroke can be varied even within small ranges.
  • It is not occur in noise and vibration.
  • Inertia losses are not more.
  • Skilled personnel are not require.
  • Maintenance cost is law


  • It is require more time.
  • Initial cost is more.
  • Intensive care should be taken while working.


  • It is use in workshop
  • It is very useful in all small scale industries.
  • It is used in automobile industry.

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