Fabrication Of Tube Bending Machine Mechanical Project

Fabrication Of Tube Bending Machine Mechanical Project

Tube Bending Machine 

In tube rolling industry a wide range of power and hand operated machines are used. As the industry is a large and growing industry different type of machines are used for different operations.
Our project the tube rolling machine is very simple in operation by using spur gear arrangement which is coupled with motor. This machine produces round tube of different diameters and length. This machine can be used in various fields. This machine consist of two spur gear which is coupled with a motor and connecting the spur gear shaft with rolling main shaft. This machine is simple in construction and working principle.


Tube rolling industry is a large and growing industry. There are many special purposes machines used in this industry to-day. The proper selection of the machines depends upon the type of the work under-taken by the particular industry.
Tube Bending Machine
Tube Bending Machine
There are many examples of tube, which can be seen in our every day lives. The metals generally used for tube rolling work include iron, copper, tin, aluminium, stainless and brass. Our project the “TUBE ROLLING MACHINE” finds huge application in all tube rolling industry. Rolling is the process of bending metal wire to a curved form. The article in the shape of round is made by tube roller shaft. Rolling operation can be done on hand or power operated rolling machines. 
In forming round tube shapes a gradual curve is to be put in the metal rather than sharp bends. The gap between the tubes can be regulated by proper arrangement. The lock nut is used to fixing the tube wire to the rolling shaft. The single phase induction motor is coupled with the spur gear arrangement by pulleys. The motor is rotated by switch on the power supply of single phase. The spur gear is rotated due to the rotation of motor. The spur gear is coupled with the main shaft by bearing.


The single phase supply is given to the induction motor, it will run. The motor pulley is coupled to the spur gear pulley with the help of belt. The spur gear arrangement is run according to the speed of the motor. Before switch on the induction motor, the tube wire is locked to the lock nut in the tube rolling shaft. The tube rolling shaft is rotated when the single phase induction motor switched ON. The tube wire is rolling in the rolling shaft due to the rotation of the tube rolling shaft. The length of the rolling tube is decided by the operator. The required length of the tube is rolled; the single phase induction motor is switched OFF. The tube is cut by the cutter, the next above procedure continue once again for the next tube operation.


  1. Easy in Construction and Working Principle.
  2. Man power requirement is less.
  3. High production.
  4. Length of the tube is varied.
  5. Production cost is reduced.
  6. Low Cost.
  7. Maintenance cost is very low.
  8. Unit is compact so less space is required.
  9. Time consumption is less.
  10. Less effort & productive.
  11. Easy to install at any were.
  12. Skilled workers are not required.
  13. Convenient for mass production.
  14. Less in weight.


  1. Small Scale industries such as tube rolling, other rolling etc.
  2. Wire rolling industries.
  3. All tube rolling industries.


  1. This machine is applicable for particular diameter of the tube.
  2. This machine is used to produce soft tube wire only.

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