Design and Fabrication of Mini Hydraulic Press Machine Report

Design and Fabrication of Mini Hydraulic Press Machine Report


Here we are fabricating the model for press operation and it’s known as hydraulic press machine. Hydraulics is a topic in applied science and engineering dealing with the mechanical properties of liquids. Fluid mechanics provides the theoretical foundation for hydraulics, which focuses on the engineering uses of fluid properties. In fluid power, hydraulics is used for the generation, control, and transmission of power by the use of pressurized liquids, here our system to making of pressing operation. The hydraulic press depends on Pascal’s principle: the pressure throughout a closed system is constant. At one end of the system is a piston with a small cross-sectional area driven by a lever to increase the force. Small-diameter tubing leads to the other end of the system.

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The hydraulic bending press is one of the most flexible machines in the market, allowing the fabricator or ironworker to shear, punch, bend, scroll, and press thousands of different parts. When considering industrial machinery, the hydraulic bending press is the perfect machine shop tool for the metal fabricator. The hydraulic pipe bending press fits any small to medium-sized industry when machinery for large-scale production must necessarily make way for machinery with distinctly lower production costs. The operating procedure of hydraulic pipe bending machine is simple when compared to other pipe bending machine (Colliers Encyclopaedia, 1997). Tube bending as a process starts with loading a tube into a pipe bender and clamping it into place between two dies, the clamping block and the forming die. The tube is also loosely held by two other dies, the wiper die and the pressure die.

The process of tube bending involves using mechanical force to push stock material pipe or tubing against a die, forcing the pipe or tube to conform to the shape of the die. Often, stock tubing is held firmly in place while the end is rotated and rolled around the die. Other forms of processing including pushing stock through rollers that bend it into a simple curve.

Design Details

There is no fixed machine design procedure for when the new machine element of the machine is being designed a number of options have to be considered. When designing machine one cannot apply rigid rules to get the best design for the machine at the lowest possible cost. The designer who develops the habit of following a fixed line of steps for designing the machine or machine elements cannot come out with the best product. Figure 1 shows the design details of the hydraulic pipe bending machine


This project is designed with

  • Hydraulic bottle cylinder
  • Pressing tool


Here we are placing the hydraulic bottle cylinder on the based plate, and the pressing tool is fixed in the hydraulic piston rod end. The working table is placed on the op of the supporting frame. It can be adjusted according to the work piece height by adjusting the lock nuts which is placed at the either side of the work table. The hydraulic bottle cylinder is working with the help of supply of oil from the pumping rod side. Here we have to tight the pressure relief valve then to start pumping with help of pumping rod by pumping, the oil will supply to push the piston upward direction by this pressing tool will move through it to pressing the workpiece. By the completing the bending process we have to release the pressure relief valve then the piston comes it original position.

mini hydraulic machine project report Download
mini hydraulic machine project report Download


  • quite simple
  • easy maintenance
  • low cast


getting very tired when continuous process


Used in small and large scale industries and cable wire making industries etc..,


This work has provided a n excellent opportunity and experience, to use limited knowledge. It has gained a lot of practical knowledge regarding, planning, purchasing, assembling and machining while doing this project work. The work is a good solution to bridge the gates between institution and industries. The work is completed the work with the limited time successfully. The “HYDRAULIC PIPE BENDING MACHINE” is working with satisfactory.


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